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Contact: Tami Osmer Glatz, info@wikichicks.wiki

The WikiChicks Genealogy News Network (WikiChicks GNN), an engaging genealogical news service, has officially launched. “WikiChicks GNN is a new way for genealogists to stay informed of current industry news and relevant stories. By using social media tools we can provide information in a way that allows folks the ability to both read and share it easily with others” said Tami Osmer Glatz, co-founder of the group. “What I like about this concept is that it is a great example of how genealogists can come together, collaborate and make great things happen!” said Eowyn Langholf, co-founder. WikiChicks is different from existing community news services in that it is accessible through many platforms, and news is shared throughout the day, with evening digests of the day’s events created as a single blog posting.

WikiChicks’ goal is to share information of interest to genealogists daily via popular social media sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Storify.

WickiChicks’ postings combine aggregate information with new content. For those who don’t spend all day perusing social media sites, the team publishes the “Whaddya Miss” posting every weekday evening on the WikiChicks Genealogy News Network blog ,  www.WikiChicks.wiki. This segment includes all the day’s shared links and stories in one place.

Additionally, the WikiChicks team shares regular weekly columns on the WikiChicks.wiki blog,  such as Monday’s Muse, a collection of interesting genealogical tips, tricks and stories to motivate you for the week ahead; Tuesday’s ChickTips, featuring websites and resources helpful for research; Wednesday’s Spotlight, sharing personal stories and information about folk’s genealogical journeys; Thursdays Tweets, a collection of the week’s interesting and informative “don’t miss” comments from various genealogists on Twitter; and Friday’s Weekend Warmup, a recount of a few select news stories to get readers “warmed up” and ready to research over the weekend.

The website, www.WikiChicks.wiki, includes the blog, as well as an all-inclusive genealogy calendar of events, searchable by state or event type, such as conferences, webinars, etc.

Who are the WikiChicks?
The WickiChicks began as Eowyn Langholf and Tami Osmer Glatz.  The two met as team members for the collaborative family tree website, WikiTree, where Eowyn is the Forest Elf and Social Media Manager, and Tami is the Playground Manager & Courtesy Counselor (aka Community Assistant).

Tami’s contributions to the genealogy community have included the free Relatively Curious Internet Genealogy Toolbar, and presentations and classes on using the Internet for research while maintaining professional-level genealogical standards and practices.  Eowyn is smart, funny, wonderful, wildly successful working for a major published author & celebrity, and single. She recounts “Tami and I were manning the WikiTree booth at RootsTech, modeling our fashionably orange WikiTree shirts when Genea-Musings blogger Randy Seaver stopped by for a chat.  He took one look at us and said ‘You two must be the WikiChicks.’  We give him credit for the name and now refer to him affectionately as ‘Uncle Randy’”.  

Eowyn and Tami are pleased to announce the latest  contributor  to WikiChicks, author and researcher Gena Philibert-Ortega.  “Gena has been a part of so many aspects of the genealogy community, from her articles for WorldVitalRecords, to her being the genial hostess of the Genealogy-Wise online forums, to her behind-the-scenes research for Genealogy Roadshow, and so much more. Her breadth of knowledge is going to be a huge asset.”

About WikiChicks
The WikiChicks Genealogy News Network (WickiChicks GNN) is a free service that  provides social media posts to help educate and inform genealogists and family historians about news, events and research tips.  The WikiChicks’ GNN team share information of interest to genealogists daily via popular social media sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Storify.

To have your society or group’s events included on the Calendar, or to share  news and press releases, please email  info@wikichicks.wiki. To learn more about WickiChicks see their website at www.WikiChicks.wiki.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The NextGen Genealogy Network To Support Preserve The Pensions With Giveaways

Monrovia, California, 25 July 2014: The NextGen Genealogy Network (NGGN), an organization dedicated to fostering the next generation’s interest in family history, has expanded its campaign to support the Preserve the Pensions War of 1812 Pension Digitization Project. These pensions are valuable documents in urgent need of digitization, and will be made available for free at Fold3. You can learn more about this project at www.preservethepensions.org.

In an effort to bring greater awareness to Preserve the Pensions, NGGN will present one participant with a one-year subscription to Fold3 ($79.95 value). The submission deadline is August 8, and details are available at http://www.tnggn.org/news-and-events/call-to-action/support1812/.

In addition, NGGN will present a one-year Ancestry.com World Explorer subscription ($299.95 value) to one participant in recognition of the most outstanding short essay or video submission about the topic, “Why is it important to preserve the War of 1812 pensions?” A second outstanding participant will receive a one-year subscription to Newspapers.com ($79.95 value). The submission deadline is August 31, and details are available at http://www.tnggn.org/news-and-events/call-to-action/support1812/.

These giveaways have been made possible thanks to the generous support of Ancestry.com.

A portion of all contributions to NGGN made between June 6 and August 15, 2014 will be donated to Preserve the Pensions, in support of the continued effort to make these historical records available to all generations, not just today’s genealogists. NGGN will donate twenty-five percent of all contributions up to fifty dollars, and fifty percent of all contributions exceeding fifty dollars.

For more information about the NextGen Genealogy Network and their support of the Preserve the Pensions War of 1812 Pension Digitization Project, please visit http://www.tnggn.org/news-and-events/call-to-action/support1812/.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gaenovium 2014: Genealogy conference for technologists

Gaenovium 2014 Technology Conference

Introducing Gaenovium, the Genealogy Technology Conference

New genealogy-technology conference is different in every important way.

Quick Summary

New conference is not big and overwhelming, but small and intimate. Independent organisation. Not national, but international. Not in the USA, but in Europe. Not for genealogy technology users, but the technology creators. Conference fee includes all-attendee dinner.


Genealogy without technology has become unthinkable. Nowadays, every genealogy conference has presentations that use or mention technology used by genealogists, but until now, even the most technology-oriented genealogy conferences were squarely aimed at the users of that technology.

Gaenovium is a new kind of genealogy-related conference conceived and created by genealogy technologists Bob Coret and Tamura Jones, and it's different in every important way.

Gaenovium isn't a big overwhelming conference, but a small and intimate one. Gaenovium does not take place in the USA, but in Europe, the continent where modern genealogy has its roots.

Gaenovium is not another conference for genealogy technology users, but a new conference for the technology creators. The Gaenovium conference is an event organised exclusively for academics, developers and visionaries at the forefront of genealogy technology.


Gaenovium is an international event, where genealogy technologists from around the world get together. Gaenovium 2014, the inaugural Gaenovium conference, features in-depth geneatechnology presentations by domain experts from Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Gaenovium 2014 takes place in Europe, and is sponsored by two leading genealogy technology companies from two other continents.

Gaenovium does not take place just anywhere in Europe. Gaenovium takes place in Leiden, an ancient Dutch city that is not only rich in history, historical buildings and fascinating museums of international renown, but also known to genealogist world-wide as the city of the Pilgrim Fathers.

Date and Pricing
Gaenovium 2014 takes place on Tuesday 7 October 2014. The modest registration fee of € 45 includes coffee, lunch and a closing dinner with all speakers and attendees.

Sign up

The venue for Gaenovium 2014 is a historic building, and attendance is limited to the capacity of the main room. Registering for Gaenovium 2014 is similar to registering for a Beta programme; you sign up to receive an invitation.

Gaenovium 2014 is sponsored by MyHeritage Ltd and RootsMagic Inc.
RootsMagic CEO Bruce Buzbee is enthusiastic: “This brand new conference is an exciting initiative that we're proud to support as a sponsor.”.

More Information
Detailed information is available on the Gaenovium website: http://www.gaenovium.com
Follow @gaenovium on twitter.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New England Historic Genealogical Society Confirms Family Tie Between Founders of Industry-Leading Carrier and Otis Brands

FARMINGTON, Conn., July 23, 2014 — Two men whose innovations changed the way the world built cities shared more than just a creative streak — they also share a bloodline. Experts at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston have confirmed that Willis Carrier’s great-grandmother, Lydia Otis, was cousins with Elisha Otis, making Carrier and Otis fourth cousins. Now, the Carrier and Otis brands are parts of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, the world’s largest provider of building technologies and a part of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

“The blood relationship that our New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) researchers discovered between Elisha Otis and Willis Carrier demonstrates the impact that genealogical study has upon history,” said D. Brenton Simons, President and CEO, NEHGS. “By connecting two innovative individuals on a family tree – our understanding of ‘family’ is once again advanced. While it has been observed for centuries that cousins work closely together for the benefit of their clan, in this instance two cousins worked diligently for the benefit of society with innovations that dramatically changed our way of living.”

Elisha Otis was born in Halifax, Vermont in 1811 and later moved to Yonkers, New York. Two years after inventing the “safety elevator,” Otis famously promoted it at the 1854 World’s Fair in New York City. With the help of circus legend P.T. Barnum, Otis stood atop an elevator platform as the rope was cut to demonstrate the springs that snapped into place and kept the elevator from falling. Today, Otis Elevator Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and maintainer of people-moving products, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways.

Willis Carrier was born in Angola, New York, near Buffalo in 1876. Less than a decade after inventing modern air conditioning in 1902 to solve a production problem at a Brooklyn print shop, he solidified his role in history as the “father of air conditioning” with the Rationale Psychometric Formulae. It is the most famous and enduring document ever prepared on the topic and Carrier’s equations still form the basis of air conditioning design calculations. Today, 112 years later, Carrier is the world’s leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

“The creative thought running through the Otis and Carrier families enabled buildings to rise higher and become more comfortable, increasing productivity, making urban life possible and creating the skylines of today,” said Geraud Darnis, president, UTC Building & Industrial Systems. “People often joke that ‘it must be in the water,’ but in this case, that inventive spirit was in their blood.”

“I think both Elisha and Willis would be pleased to see their pioneering spirit alive and well today,” said John Mandyck, chief sustainability officer, UTC Building & Industrial Systems. “Their legacies of innovation have inspired our engineers to create advancements in energy efficiency to support the world’s move to greener buildings. It’s not surprising that they were family long before their brands became part of the same company.”

A video about the discovery is available on UTC Building & Industrial Systems’ YouTube channel. To learn more about Carrier and Otis, visit Carrier.com, Otis.com or follow both on Twitter: @CarrierGreen and @OtisElevatorCo.

About UTC Building & Industrial Systems

UTC Building & Industrial Systems is the world’s largest provider of building technologies. Its elevator, escalator, fire-safety, security, building automation, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and services promote integrated, high-performance buildings that are safer, smarter and sustainable. UTC Building & Industrial Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. For more information, visit www.BIS.UTC.com or follow @UTCBIS on Twitter.

About New England Historic Genealogical Society

The founding genealogical society in America, New England Historic Genealogical Society was established in 1845. Today it has a national collecting scope and serves 65,000 constituents through our award-winning web site www.AmericanAncestors.org.

Since 1845, NEHGS has been the country's leading research center for genealogists and family historians of every skill level. Today we provide more than 25,000 members worldwide with access to some of the most important and valuable research tools anywhere. Our resources, expertise, and service are unmatched in the field and our leading staff of on-site and online genealogists includes experts in early American, Irish, English, Scottish, Jewish, African American, Native American, and Canadian research. Expert assistance is available to members and nonmembers in a variety of ways. The NEHGS library and archive, located at 99-101 Newbury Street in downtown Boston, is home to more than 28 million items, including artifacts, documents, records, journals, letters, books, manuscripts, and other items dating back hundreds of years.