ENG: Oxfordshire Studies and Oxfordshire Record Office are to merge

This petition has been passed to the FFHS by Wendy ARCHER, The Chairman of Oxfordshire FHS  www.ofhs.org.uk


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Oxfordshire Studies and Oxfordshire Record Office are to merge later this year in modified premises at St Luke's Church, Cowley. 

There are proposed staff cuts which mean the service offered would be a much restricted one compared with previously.

Oxfordshire County Council has set up the format of e-petitions as part of its on-going commitment to  listening to and responding to the views of the public.  An e-petition has been instigated by Malcolm Graham (Oxfordshire Local History Association) with relation to the proposed staff cuts at:

There appears to be no requirement for petitioners to live in the county, and e-petition guidelines of which I'm aware in another area state that petitioners should live, work or study in the area served by the Council, or use services provided by the Council.  So if you have ever had, or might ever have, a query for Oxfordshire Record Office or the History Service, or might want to order a copy document such as a will, this could be relevant to you.

Please read the petition statement, and consider making a response.

The Logon and sign ePetition link leads to a webpage where you can register as a new user.

Shortage of staff is likely to impinge on cataloguing, answering of queries, sending out of orders, production of documents in the searchroom, and
opening hours.

Chairman, Oxfordshire FHS