Appointment of Kirsty Gray to Director of English Studies at the Canadian National Institute of Genealogical Studies

Kirsty Gray, Chairman of the Guild of One-Name Studies, has been appointed the new Director of English Studies at the Canadian National Institute of Genealogical Studies. In her new position, Kirsty will be reviewing and updating the record courses from Census and Civil Registration to the much more advanced records such as Land, Property, Education and Court Records. The Institute have already commented on Kirsty’s appointment and consider that her excellent reputation in genealogical circles and her youthful energy will make Kirsty an excellent addition to the National Institute of Genealogical Studies’ team.

The Canadian National Institute of Genealogical Studies are looking forward to Kirsty's involvement in their English programme. In the past, researching from abroad versus researching locally within England, meant research methods was different. With their steadfast uploading of such a wide variety of databases and original documents, Internet content providers are changing where researchers access the required documents. Abroad or within England, research methods are merging. The Institute are therefore looking forward to Kirsty bringing her experience in researching English records from the Internet and in local repositories to the Institute’s students.

The Guild of One-Name Studies welcome this appointment and recognise it as an opportunity for Kirsty to utilise her vast genealogical expertise and knowledge of one-name studies to further develop the courses run by the Canadian Institute of Genealogical Studies. It is anticipated that the first few courses to be reviewed by Kirsty as the Director of English Studies will include Probate, Parish Records and One-Name Studies.

The appointment will also provide the Guild of One-Name Studies with the opportunity to further expand on its charitable objective to advance the education of the public in one-name studies. It also represents a continuation of the Guild’s co-operation with genealogy education organisations such as its links with Pharos Teaching and Tutoring which will continue and expand.

Kirsty grew up in Dorset and studied at the University of Reading (England) and Ottawa University (Canada); she was awarded a Master's degree in Chemistry in June 2000. Kirsty has taught Science and Mathematics at secondary school level, and has also held management responsibilities and currently teaches at an independent school in Oxfordshire. Kirsty became interested in family history at the tender age of seven years with her maternal grandfather’s tree in hand. She became obsessed with her great-grandmother’s maiden name of Sillifant and began a One-Name Study on the name in 1999, publishing tri-annual journals on the surname for the last six years.

Kirsty Gray, Chairman of the Guild of One-Name Studies, said today: “I am delighted to be joining the team at the National Institute as Director for English Studies. Their innovative approach to genealogical education has inspired so many students in the field since they began in 1999. With the outstanding foundations laid by Dr Penny Christensen, look forward to updating her courses and providing many new programmes to enthuse, excite and challenge students to delve deeper into their ancestry.”