Got Genealogy Buzz?

GenealogyInTime™ magazine is happy to introduce Genealogy Buzz, a fun new way to observe and interact with the genealogy community.

Using real-time technology, Genealogy Buzz streams to you the latest genealogy blogs, tweets, news and press releases from over a thousand sources. If you tweet about genealogy, write a genealogy blog, or are just interested in what is going on, then you will definitely want to check out Genealogy Buzz.  The service is free.

What’s Genealogy Buzz All About?

Genealogy Buzz is built around four key features:
  • A Genealogy Twitter Reader that streams the latest genealogy tweets from hundreds of tweeters in real time.
  • A Genealogy Blog Reader that finds and lists the latest genealogy blog posts as they appear on the internet.
  • A listing of the most recent and relevant Genealogy News found in mainstream media.
  • The latest genealogy press releases (from GeneaPress) listing genealogy events, products and services.

How Do I Use Genealogy Buzz?

Genealogy Buzz lets you observe the genealogy community in an exciting new way:

If you are a genealogy blogger – You probably already know that many conversations about your content are happening off your website. Some studies suggest that up to 80% of the discussion about the content of a blog will happen offsite, either at other blogs or through Twitter. You can observe these offsite conversations in real time with Genealogy Buzz.  As well, Genealogy Buzz can drive traffic to your website.  Unlike most RSS feeds, readers of Genealogy Buzz must go to your website to read your full article.

If you write genealogy tweets – Use Genealogy Buzz to make sure your message is being picked up by real-time search engines.  Our benchmark studies suggest that Genealogy Buzz picks up most genealogy tweets within 2 minutes of broadcast.  You can also use Genealogy Buzz to observe genealogy conversations in real time, to get ideas for tweets, and to find out what’s hot and what’s not in genealogy.

If you are just curious about genealogy – Looking for interesting genealogy bloggers or tweeters to follow?  Use Genealogy Buzz to observe bloggers and tweeters for ideas, for leads, for new people to follow or just to find out what is going on in the world of genealogy. 

Get the buzz.  Give Genealogy Buzz a try.  It’s free. 

About GenealogyInTime™ Magazine

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