Wikid Shareable Family Trees

WikiTree is excited to announce the release of the Wikid Shareable Tree. There is no “app” for anyone to install. As of today, these trees are available with a single click for all of WikiTree’s 1.7 million user-added profiles. They are 100% free for everyone and carry no advertisements. For an example, see Bartlett-1/4.

The Wikid Shareable Trees are offered alongside WikiTree’s standard pedigree views, ahnentafel ancestor lists, descendant lists, printer-friendly trees, and embeddable family tree widgets. Each tree view has its own purpose. These ones are optimized for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. They can also be used in blog posts or web pages or sent via e-mail.

The Wikid Shareable Trees can be shared with confidence because of WikiTree’s strict privacy and management controls. The appearance of every person, parent, and grandparent is determined by their individual privacy settings, as chosen by the Profile Managers. Missing information is highlighted so that your family and friends can help you fill in the blanks, but the ability to edit is controlled by each individual’s Trusted List. When privacy settings are changed or information is added, the trees are instantly

About WikiTree

WikiTree's mission is to create a single worldwide family tree with which we can all freely connect our private family histories. We aim to strike the perfect balance between collaboration and privacy so that families can share personal information, photos, and memories, while at the same time growing a valuable genealogical resource with distant cousins and strangers. WikiTree is entirely free. Content is owned by its contributors. The service is supported by modest ads on public pages. Join our rapidly growing community at