WikiTree Reaches Two Million Profiles

July 22, 2011: Just four months after reaching one million profiles, today reached two million profiles.

WikiTree’s recent growth has been led by genealogists who have been researching their family history for months or years and use WikiTree as a way to leverage the work they’ve done. On WikiTree they can integrate their research with that of distant cousins on a worldwide family tree. At the same time, WikiTree enables genealogists to privately share their modern family history. Non-genealogist family members can see how they connect with the worldwide tree, and also add their own personal memories and photos to enrich the profiles.

“I'm really excited about having reached two million,” says WikiTree Cousin Connector Tami Glatz. “The goal of one unified, well-sourced family tree gets closer with every new profile. As ‘Cousin Connector’ I help to find matches between new ancestor profiles and existing profiles. That helps WikiTree grow in the right way, with quality additions instead of duplicates.”

WikiTree creator Chris Whitten adds: “We really do work to slow down growth and shrink the total number of profiles. If a new WikiTreer uploads a GEDCOM with thousands of ancestors we make sure they feel comfortable thoughtfully managing and merging that many profiles. If they don’t, we don’t import their tree and encourage them to participate on a smaller scale. If they do, Tami and other members of the community are there to help the new WikiTreer find and merge the duplicates. We have a long road ahead of us in growing a single collaborative family tree but every day we move forward. Today we passed a significant milestone and I’m proud of it.”

About WikiTree: WikiTree's mission is to create a single worldwide family tree with which we can all freely connect our private family histories. We aim to strike the perfect balance between collaboration and privacy so that families can share personal information, photos, and memories, while at the same time growing a valuable genealogical resource with distant cousins and strangers. WikiTree is entirely free. Content is owned by its contributors. The service is supported by modest ads on public pages. Join our rapidly growing community at