Introducing the "Ancestry Errors Wiki"

Subscription genealogy websites--like and a great service to genealogists by providing remote access to digitized record images. In most cases, the image databases allow researchers to search or browse for their ancestors.

Unfortunately, occasional errors in imaging, image organization, or database programming on these websites cause inadvertent obstacles to our research.
For example, some townships appear in the wrong county in one of the federal census databases, or book pages appear out of order. There are many examples of these kind of errors, but no way to know if your county of research suffers from one of them.

For this reason, I have created the Ancestry Errors Wiki. This wiki will provide a hub for genealogists to notify other genealogists of errors that exist on various subscription genealogy websites. In time, these errors will likely be corrected (and removed from the site), but until then, researchers should be able to search for any known existing errors, and adjust their research accordingly.

The purpose of this site is not to report indexing errors. Both Ancestry and Footnote contain effective internal mechanisms for amending and modifying indexing errors. This site is for the reporting of imaging or programming errors only.

The site uses the wiki platform, so that any user can create and edit content. This will allow the site to include information based on the research experience of the whole online genealogy community.

I would like to invite all genealogists to visit the site and add any errors of which they are aware. Only with all of our help will this site be a successful and useful resource.

Visit the "Ancestry Errors Wiki" at For more information, contact Michael Hait, CG, at