New UK Television Show: Guess The Relative

Dragonfly TV is making an exciting show featuring families, ancestors and long-lost relatives.

Do you think your family tree might have British roots? Would you like to travel to Britain to discover your living relatives?

They are searching for people from all over the world, who think they may have British ancestry. It might be that you have a very distant ancestor who was British, or that one of your ancestors migrated to Britain. If you think that your family may have a British connection they would like to hear from you.

Successful participants will receive an expenses paid trip to the UK to meet British relatives that they never knew existed.

Dragonfly Television are particularly keen to speak to people who have interest in traditional national pursuits, for example music, dance, cooking, hunting, sports, arts or costume. They hope to use the programme as a way to promote other nationalities rich cultural heritage to their UK viewers. They are also looking to speak to people with interesting hobbies, jobs or backgrounds.

Please apply now at:

For more information please contact:
Cher Adamson : Assistant Producer at Dragonfly Television
Tel: 004420746211866