Reel Tributes Welcomes Director of Genealogy; Rebecca Whitman Koford Makes Ancestry Come Alive

Washington, DC (PRWEB) August 11, 2011

Reel Tributes, a company that researches family histories and transforms the information into artistic films, welcomed its new Director of Genealogy, Rebecca Whitman Koford, last week. Koford is a professional researcher, instructor and lecturer in American genealogy. She has lectured at museums and conferences and for historical societies in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

“We are thrilled to welcome Rebecca Whitman Koford to the Reel Tributes Team,” said David Adelman, the company’s founder and CEO. “Her years of professional genealogy experience will be a tremendous asset to our clients and will strengthen Reel Tributes’ position as the leader in personal history filmmaking.”

Reel Tributes is the leading family history company presenting genealogical information in high-definition film. The process begins with the genealogist helping the client uncover the secrets of his or her family heritage. Genealogical research delves into the family’s roots and stories. The company’s videographers and documentary filmmakers then craft the stories into customized films.

“I have helped many clients discover their genealogy and piece together incredible stories,” said Koford. “But Reel Tributes’ films take this information to a whole new level. It is incredible to see the magic of genealogy mixed with the power of film. A professionally made documentary is like Grandma’s quilt—it is precious, irreplaceable, and tells a story that should never be forgotten.”

The films produced by Reel Tributes expose genealogy to a broader audience. Clients can share the video documentaries with friends and distant relatives via the internet. Unlike books of a family’s heritage, videos capture voices and expressions, and are much easier to preserve. The compelling medium also makes it possible for people to learn about their families without digging through stacks of old papers and photographs.

About Reel Tributes

Reel Tributes produces high-end personal history documentaries that uniquely capture what matters most, from an individual’s life story to an entire family’s lineage to the successes of a family business. The company combines interviews, photographs, archival footage and music into artistic, television-quality documentaries. Reel Tributes operates in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C, and travels to clients all over the world. For additional information, and sample films, visit