Santa Barbara: Sahyun Gen Library expands

October is Family History Month

Santa Barbara, CA – September 2, 2011

October marks Family History Month and the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society is celebrating in a big way with a month long list of events and classes. 

Perhaps the most significant event is the Grand Opening, on October 2nd, of the newly expanded Sahyun Genealogy Library located at 316 Castillo St. in Santa Barbara. 

For the last year, the dust has been flying as 2700 ft2 of new space has been added bringing the total size of the library to almost 7000 ft2 .  This along with one third of a mile of shelving provides ample room for the 10,000 books, 800 periodicals and more than 5,000 additional items such as microfiche rolls, maps and directories. 

The expansion also offers a multipurpose room where classes and meeting will be held as well as a new state of the art computer center and an expanded patio area perfect for outdoor events.

Some 60 volunteers have been busily working, building bookcases and cataloging and shelving all the books into their new home.

In addition to the grand opening, Family History Month is filled with a full schedule of classes, special interest groups, tours, lectures and demonstrations.  A calendar of events can be found at the Society web site (