Sort Your Story Offers Affordable Downloads For Organizing Genealogy Research

Limitless possibilities are provided by to genealogy enthusiasts for organizing decades of data offers quick download applications, video tutorials and free email newsletter for recording and organizing genealogy research for just $19.99. Sort Your Story, the complete organizational tool, has been providing best solutions for people who look for ways to store documents, images and other details of their genealogy research. For individuals, who’re looking to discover and preserve their family’s unique history, the website helps in making their family tree by organizing genealogy records.

“Everyone today is interested in exploring their family history by tracking down details about their ancestors. You’d also have encouraged your children and grandchildren with the hobby of genealogy research. Even if you get enough data in the form of documents, certificates and images, you’ll find it difficult to record and organize it to form a complete family tree,” says Lorel Kapke, the genealogy expert, “We offer a practical solution for storing and keeping track of irreplaceable records in a format that is easy to understand and a snap to use.”

“Using Sort Your Story, you can compile genealogy birth records, death records, marriage certificates, photos and more, all in one place to instantly see what information is missing and create reports based on the existing information”, says the expert, when commenting about the benefits of using their genealogy software for organizing family history,” Enter your data into our easy to use Sort Your Story Profiler and organize your digital documents using our colorful category specific file folders. It really can't get any easier than this!”

By downloading Sort Your Story, one can start organizing genealogy research. The download includes profiler application for recording research, file folders to organize it, free online video tutorials and email newsletter with tips and tools for better genealogy organization. Recorded information can be securely maintained on the person’s personal computer itself and the application also provides a perfect electronic format for collecting data.

“By scanning and entering irreplaceable genealogy records into Sort Your Story and storing them on your computer, portable drive and CD ROM, you can be sure that the information and images you’ve collected are maintained safely and securely for generations to come”, Lorel adds further .


Sort Your Story is a complete organizational tool that stores genealogy records simply and conveniently on your computer. allows visitors to download profiler application for genealogy organizing at an affordable price of just $19.99. For more details about how to organize a family tree, visit