ARPHAX publishing announces launch of

Long-awaited historical map-viewing site now on-line

NORMAN, OK, January 9, 2012 - Arphax Publishing Co. announces the grand-opening of its historical maps website: Known for its historical land-ownership books, Arphax leaps headfirst onto the web with a digital version of its critically acclaimed map-series. And it does so with a viewing tool that rivals the speed and power of a desktop application. The HistoryGeo Viewer™ promises to catch the attention of map-researchers worldwide with its speed, ease-of-use, and annotation capabilities. is a subscription service available to PC and Mac users who need only a good internet connection and a common web-browser to access it. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome have all been approved for use. The site can be found at: opens its doors with the immediate inclusion of all the maps in both the Family Maps and Texas Land Survey Maps series of books. These represent nearly 40,000 maps among twenty-three states, all of which display original land-ownership in the context of modern roads, waterways, and other features.
In addition to Arphax's proprietary map library, over 2,000 historical land-ownership maps from Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, and Kansas, have also been added. Plans are to increase the breadth of the library to include all of the U.S. and eventually, the world.
With the HistoryGeo Viewer, users can:
·         take Snapshots of locations in maps (similar to "favorites" or bookmarks)
·         add Custom Markers to Maps, where you can attach:
o    your uploaded images,
o    links to HistoryGeo Snapshots, or
o    URLs to external web-content (link to web-pages of your choice)
·         chart and animate migrations,
·         designate their Markers as private, public, or to be shared only with friends
·         search both within and outside (GNIS searches included, for instance)

Subscriptions choices include a $44 quarterly account, a $66 semi-annual account, or a heavily-discounted choice of $99 per year (a 43% discount).

People interested in this new service are recommended to do the following: 1) Register at and take a test drive with instant access to a number of free maps, and 2) take a look at the growing collection of instructional videos found at Once convinced that this is a service for you, simply click “Subscribe”, and choose one of the three low-cost subscription options.

A Library Edition of the service will launch with an announcement at the American Library Association Midwinter Conference in Dallas (January 20th-23rd). Libraries are encouraged to contact HistoryGeo at or at             1-800-681-5298       if interested in a demonstration and/or a quote.
Since 2005, hundreds of thousands of genealogy, history, and archaeology researchers have found Arphax's maps to be indispensable in recreating frontier neighborhoods and tracking migrations of families across the U.S. Now, that task is simpler and cheaper than ever at Future enhancements for the service include increased U.S. and global coverage of maps, affiliate programs, volunteer labeling programs, and much more. or web