FamilySearch Adds Free Records from 7 Countries

16 February 2012

FamilySearch Adds Free Records from 7 Countries
Millions of new records added to England, Italy, and U.S. Collections

This week FamilySearch added 12 million new, free records online (6.5 million indexed names and 5.6 million browsable images) for Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, and the U.S. The Florida Death Index 1877-1998, received 5 million searchable records and another million records each for Oklahoma and Wisconsin. Find your ancestors now at

Searchable records on are made possible by thousands of volunteers from around the world who transcribe (index) the information from handwritten records to make them easily searchable by computer. More volunteers are needed (particularly those who can read foreign languages) to keep pace with the amount of digital images being published online at Learn more about how to personally help provide free access to the world’s historic genealogical records as an indexer at

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CollectionIndexed RecordsDigital ImagesComments
England, Kent, Land Tax Assessments, 1689-1832089,160New browsable image collection.
England, Kent, Wills and Probate, 1440-18810347,164New browsable image collection.
Germany, Saxony, Dresden, Citizen's Documents and Business Licenses, 1820-19620386,107New browsable image collection.
Italy, Messina, Messina, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1866-19390696,799Added browsable images to existing collection.
Italy, Messina, Patti, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1865-19100454,682New browsable image collection.
Korea, Collection of Genealogies, 1500-200906,534Added browsable images to existing collection.
Netherlands, Army Service Records, 1807-19290103,682New browsable image collection.
Nova Scotia, Church Records, 1720-2001016,188New browsable image collection.
Spain, Municipal Records084,921Added browsable images to existing collection.
U.S., California, Death Index, 1905-193905,692New browsable image collection.
U.S., California, Northern U.S. District Court Naturalization Index, 1852-198901,342,642Added browsable images to existing collection.
U.S., Colorado, Statewide Marriage Index, 1900-19390454,881New browsable image collection.
U.S., Florida, Death Index, 1877-19985,187,0740New Index collection. Index courtesy of
U.S., New Mexico, County Death Records, 1907-195205,479New browsable image collection.
U.S., Oklahoma, Applications for Allotment, Five Civilized Tribes, 1899-190701,373,449New browsable image collection.
U.S., South Dakota, School Records, 1884-19380193,492New browsable image collection.
U.S., Utah, Territorial Militia Records, 1849-1877011,306New browsable image collection.
U.S., Wisconsin, Death Index, 1820-1907435,2080New Index collection. Index courtesy of
U.S., Wisconsin, Marriage Index, 1973-1997948,9610New Index collection. Index courtesy of
United States, Mexican War Pension Index, 1887-1926051,991New browsable image collection.
United States, Old War Pension Index, 1815-1926028,984New browsable image collection.