120,000 more Scottish memorial transcriptions added to Deceased Online

  • Additional records for approximately 120,000 Scottish burials, mostly in rural burial grounds and cemeteries, are now available on www.deceasedonline.com.
  • This set of records comprises headstone and memorial photographs and transcriptions from 99 cemeteries and burial grounds from Argyll to the Scottish Borders including Banffshire (Moray), Clackmannanshire, Edinburgh, Fife, The Lothians, Lanarkshire and North Ayrshire.
  • The oldest records date back to 1526.
  • Memorial inscriptions can be searched on surname, forenames and date in the same way as register records; but access can also be purchased to a whole cemetery/churchyard collection for browsing, or just the subset of headstone images with inscriptions containing a specific surname. These inscriptions can then be searched for any combination of names, words and dates (i.e. farmer, drowned, killed).
  • The records have been supplied by Scottish Memorial Inscriptions (SMI) who have photographed and transcribed the inscriptions from the memorials and headstones. New indexes have been prepared by Deceased Online to assist with searching.
  • There are now records for over 250 Scottish cemeteries, burial grounds and crematoria on Deceased Online and we will upload records for 150 more in the next few months.

For full details, see the Database Coverage section at www.deceasedonline.com

There are approximately 920,000 Scottish burial and cremation records now on Deceased Online