Seattle Genealogical Society & Library 2012 Fall Seminar “RE-SEARCH and PROVE”

Seattle Genealogical  Society & Library
2012 Fall Seminar
20 October 2012          8:30 am – 4:00 pm
North Seattle Alliance Church  2150 N. 122nd St. Seattle, Washington
The Seattle Genealogical Society and Library’s motto is “Search and Prove.” The theme of SGS’s 2012 Fall Seminar is “Re- Search and Prove.” Re-examine research strategies with fresh eyes to break through “brick walls” and find those elusive ancestors.


  • “FAN: Friends, Associates, and Neighbors” Keynote Have you run into a brick wall in your research? FAN out to Friends/Family (even further extended), Acquaintances and Neighbors. Learn how to find them and see, through examples, how they can help your research. Ginny Sommarstrom 
  • USING TIMELINES IN GENEALOGY Are you utilizing timelines to analyze your data? It’s a great way to organize dates and specific ancestors and puts a different perspective on the information you’ve gathered and your ancestor’s place in history. Mary Roddy
  • EPIDEMICS & CHRONIC DISEASES Family medical history can be an important part of our research. We’ll decipher some of those archaic maladies found in obituaries and death certificates. Dr. Jeff Otjen
  • LEARNING ON-LINE: Are you challenging yourself? Discover how to find and utilize the many Podcasts, Webinars, Genealogy Classes and Workshops conducted on-line by some of the country’s best researchers. Claudia Breland, CG
  • ADVANCED GOOGLING & MOCAVO Using “Google” searches and can provide genealogists easy access to the best free content on the internet including many thousands of genealogy sites. Mary Roddy
  • SHEDDING LIGHT ON ADOPTION & DISCONNECTED FAMILIES Locating Adoption records and clues for disconnected families can be the ultimate “Brick Wall.” Changing attitudes and adoptee rights legislation have opened many doors once firmly shut. Vickie Stewart-Fowler
  • DNA – The Final Proof? Understanding the implications and limitations of DNA testing can help you decide how to unlock the clues revealed by the assessments you receive on the geographic origins and specific ethnic diversity of your genome. Herb McDaniel
  • MAPPING GOOGLE EARTH Google Earth is a satellite and aerial imagery program which has revolutionized the way we look at the world - including our ancestor’s homes. We can even travel back in time with the new Historical Imagery feature. Joe Flint
  • CAN YOU PROVE IT? Are you frustrated by what you find on the internet? Learn how you can have well researched and accurate family histories using the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) and learning a few sound techniques. Cary Lynn Bright
  • GENEALOGICAL PITFALLS: Hoaxes, Frauds, Scams and Bad Research “Not all that glitters is gold” Some are innocent mistakes; others are criminal. Many have been perpetuated in published genealogies. We’ll identify some of these. Jean A. Roth 
Registration Cost:  $40 SGS Members, $50 Non-Members; includes Seminar Syllabus.  $12 Box Lunch
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 10 October 2012, late fee after 10 October. You can register on-line at the SGS Website and pay by credit card OR mail registration to SGS 2012 Fall Seminar PO Box 15329 Seattle, WA   98115-0329

For Seminar Questions  Call: (206) 522-8658   (Tue-Sat, from 10am-3pm)
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