Family Treasures: 15 Lessons, Tips, and Tricks for Discovering Your Family History

October 3, 2012-Riverton Utah, announces the release of new book

Family Treasures: 15 Lessons, Tips, and Tricks for Discovering Your Family History
Author: Barry J. Ewell

Format: Paperback, PDF, Nook/iPad, Kindle/Kindle App on iPad,
Pages: 437 pp.
Published: 2012
Weight: Paper version is 1 lb 4 oz.

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The genealogy journey is not an easy one, but the treasures you'll discover on the way make the path well worth traveling —something Barry J. Ewell knows from personal experience. In his travels he has found clues in everything from dusty relics to modern technology. Now he is ready to share his experience and guide you through each step of your personal family history journey. Whether you're just beginning your family history journey or you're a seasoned genealogist, this book is the perfect road map to all the treasures still waiting for you in your personal family history.

Following is the book’s Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: Genealogy Is a Repeatable Process
Lesson 2: Start Organized, Stay Organized
Lesson 3: Every Record Has Value
Lesson 4: Where to Find Records
Lesson 5: How to Search the Internet Like a Genealogist
Lesson 6: Field Research Is Required
Lesson 7: Cite and Verify Every Source
Lesson 8: If Sherlock Holmes Were a Genealogist
Lesson 9: Learn to Network
Lesson 10: Stay Connected to the Network
Lesson 11: Carefully Search Ancestor Writings
Lesson 12: Search Every Page of Hometown Newspapers
Lesson 13: Learn to Find the Origins of Immigrant Ancestor
Lesson 14: The Oral Interview Is the Most Valued Research
Lesson 15: Write and Publish Your Story
Epilogue: Genealogy, Prayer, and Inspiration

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About the Author

Barry J. Ewell is the founder of, a website for individuals interested in learning, sharing, and discovering family history.

His professional career has been in advertising and public relations strategy for technology companies such as IBM and 3M.

Since being introduced to family history in 1998, he has researched his family roots in the United States, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany, and Russia. His focus has been to preserve the record of his family by doing oral and written histories, artifact preservation, and genealogy research.

Barry is an advocate of “Sharing Information to Join Generations.” He is a writer, presenter, researcher, and mentor of genealogists. Barry has authored articles, eBooks, videos and podcasts about his experience in Internet and field family history research, plus digital and software resources. He has presented and shared his knowledge and experience at local, regional, and national conferences.