Heirloom Registry Partners with Family Tree Magazine, Family Heirlooms Expert for New Promotion

Heirloom Registry Partners with Family Tree Magazine, Family Heirlooms Expert for New Promotion

The Heirloom Registry™ – a new service that helps its users save and share the stories behind their family heirlooms – has partnered with Family Tree Magazine and author Denise May Levenick to give readers three lifetime registrations on The Heirloom Registry with the purchase of Levenick’s new book, “How to Archive Family Keepsakes.”

Ferndale, Wash. and Austin, Texas – Family Tree Magazine, family heirlooms expert Denise May Levenick and The Heirloom Registry announce a brand new promotion for buyers of Levenick’s new book, How to Archive Family Keepsakes.

The sales campaign, entitled, “Fingerprint Your Heirlooms,” is simple: With every purchase of Levenick’s book made through www.houstory.com or www.shopfamilytree.com, The Heirloom Registry will include three permanent registry listings (and three registry stickers) with the order.

“We are excited to partner with Family Tree Magazine and Denise, who is truly a leader in family heirloom preservation,” said Dan Hiestand, Heirloom Registry marketing director. “Our promotion is called ‘Fingerprint Your Heirlooms’ because researching family history is too often like detective work. Her book helps folks to organize, preserve and share family heirlooms, while our product helps to make sure the stories behind the heirlooms are saved and accessible — in effect, “fingerprinted” — for future generations. This combined effort means your descendants won’t have to play detective.”

Levenick said she agrees with that sentiment.

“I love a good mystery,” said Levenick. “But uncovering the history of unidentified heirlooms can be a heartbreaking task. I don’t want my family treasures to become orphan heirlooms, that’s why I’m enthusiastic about the Heirloom Registry and our new promotion to help you ‘Fingerprint Your Heirlooms.’ Family historians know that archival preservation is only the first step in caring for your legacy. It’s also vital to have a plan for passing on your family treasures. The Heirloom Registry makes it easy and inexpensive to write a history – and plan a future – for your heirloom."

Working in unison, the promotion should be a valuable addition for those seeking to save their family histories, Hiestand said.

“By utilizing the information and advice Denise talks about in her book in tandem with The Heirloom Registry, you can leave a gift for future generations by adding texture and color to your family tree now,” said Hiestand.

“Fingerprint Your Heirlooms” will run until the end of 2012.

About Family Tree Magazine

Family Tree Magazine is part of the Genealogy Community at F+W Media, Inc. (http://www.fwmedia.com), which also encompasses Family Tree University online courses and webinars, genealogy books and the ShopFamilyTree.com online store. These publications and products are devoted to providing engaging, easy-to-understand instruction that makes genealogy a hobby anyone can do.

About Denise May Levenick

Denise May Levenick is the creator of The Family Curator genealogy blog named one of the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs in 2010 and 2011 where she has written about her own family archive experiences since 2007. Denise inherited her first family archive from her grandmother – a trunk filled with photos, letters, documents, and lots of “miscellaneous stuff” and is now the caretaker of several family collections. She has adapted professional archival techniques to the family archive situation and shares her experiences in How to Archive Family Keepsakes. Denise is a frequent contributor to Family Tree Magazine and presents online webinars and conference seminars on a variety of archival subjects. www.thefamilycurator.com.

About The Heirloom Registry™

When you record the history of a family heirloom or treasured belonging in The Heirloom Registry, its story travels with it. Wherever it goes. Always. For as little as 99 cents and in just 10-15 minutes, family stories can be safely preserved. It’s simple: Mark/label your family heirlooms (and future family keepsakes) with a high-quality Heirloom Registry sticker, brass or aluminum plate, and share your items' stories – or provenances -- in words and pictures at http://www.heirloomregistry.com. Once registered, those stories will be available to future owners no matter where the item goes.