Supercharges the Discovery of Your Family Tree

October 3, 2012-Riverton Utah, announces launch of

_____________________________________________ Supercharges the Discovery of Your Family Tree is a powerful research tool instructing you in the proper research methods and sources to help build your family tree. MyGenShare will help make genealogy fun and easy by guiding you through each step of discovering and joining generations.

MyGenShare's content represents the combined knowledge of the best and most talented genealogists in their field of research. Find millions of pages of fact-based research insights you can quickly apply in researching your family tree. Find resources in seconds. Access the comprehensive knowledge-base 24/7 from your home, the library, the courthouse, outdoors or when you are with others.

MyGenShare is not a database of names. You will find how-to information in the form of articles, ebooks, eperiodicals, videos, slideshows, and podcasts. Included in MyGenShare is an extensive collection of premium maps covering a time frame of 500 years. In addition, you will find an extensive links directory of 1.5 million links and genealogy search engines that can get you to the websites that are of greatest value to your family tree research.

Examples of the content contributors include: Reference Library
Find 90-plus of's most essential guidebooks, manuals, textbooks, and desk reference resources written by leading and trusted experts in genealogy. Each published reference text has been digitally prepared and separated into individual, easily accessible content articles and eBooks.

Click Here to see a list of books included in the collection.

Everton’s Genealogical Helper Magazine
For over half a century (1947-2009), The Genealogical Helper was the single most important commercial publication for genealogists. The collection represents over 60 years of invaluable data, inquiries, book reviews, articles on genealogy, and personal insight to research in the field. Each published magazine has been digitally prepared and separated into individual, easily accessible content articles. You can also view the content as a PDF in its original published format.

MyGenShare Content Offerings
This is an extensive collection of MyGenShare prepared articles, tutorials and guides, videos, slideshows, maps, images, and podcasts along with public domain and copy permitted resources.

Start Accessing Instructional Resources in 30-Seconds or Less
You can start finding instruction on your research questions in less than 30 seconds. For example, let's take a look at the type of content you can find for either the state of Virginia or the country of England:
  • Search Articles relating to Virginia or England.
  • Search Maps relating to Virginia or England.
  • Search Links Directory relating to Virginia or England.
  • Use Genealogy Search Engines for United States or United Kingdom.
MyGenShare has learning resources for all skill levels. For example, there is a vast collection of content for the beginning genealogist:
  • Search Articles relating to Beginning Genealogy.
  • Search Slideshows relating to Genealogy for Beginners.
  • Search Videos relating to Genealogy for Beginners.
MyGenShare provides vast resources to guide genealogists through each step on hundreds of topics such as:
  • Search Articles relating to Personal and Family Histories.
  • Search Articles relating to Searching the Internet.
  • Search Articles on Research Methodology.
  • Search Articles on Problem Solving.
  • And so much more.
On the MyGenShare home page you will find instructional videos on how-to quickly access educational content.

What Genealogists Think of MyGenShare

MyGenShare is being used by genealogists throughout the world. The following comments are from just a few who have accessed the MyGenShare content:
"MyGenShare is like having a university course on genealogy and a research library combined." Gary 
"MyGenShare is a site to learn about the places and times of your ancestors as well as how to do genealogy. There is content for everyone beginner to advanced." Amanda 
"MyGenShare is a tutorial website. If you want to know the "how to's" this is the place to look." Jean
"MyGenShare is like having a research library in your computer that not only has genealogical resources, but also tutorials on how-to begin and how-to use those resources." Candi 
"It is a very thorough online library for persons wanting help in HOW to do genealogical research, WHERE to find resource aids online, and HOW to organize and share research findings using a variety of tools and methods that are appropriate to today's technology." Beverly
MyGenShare Subscription Plans
MyGenShare subscription plans range from $0.50 to just over $1.00 a week. Use the 7-day free trial to access millions of pages of authoritative resources in seconds.

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