WikiTree Reopens Member Registration is now inviting all genealogists and family historians to register for a free membership.

WikiTree closed registration in January 2012. This was done to give the WikiTree community time to absorb the flood of information that had been added by people who registered for a free membership and uploaded GEDCOMs, but did not take the time to integrate their genealogy into the shared family tree that the WikiTree community is growing.

To help ensure that new members understand the mission and aren’t just taking advantage of free services such as unlimited private family web pages and photos, the registration process creates a temporary and limited Guest Membership. If the guest decides to make their membership permanent they can either volunteer to participate in the community as a Wiki Genealogist or they can ask if a Wiki Genealogist will help connect their family to the shared tree.

Full membership at the Wiki Genealogist level requires signing the Wiki Genealogist Honor Code. This simple, nine-point set of rules is the foundation of the community’s unique culture of enjoyable and productive genealogical collaboration. It makes clear the importance of citing sources, respecting copyrights, and maintaining privacy while still working on the common goal of making genealogical information free and accessible.

All account levels, including unlimited Wiki Genealogist accounts, are free. WikiTree is committed to growing a completely free shared family tree. For this reason, the full membership needs to be limited to genealogists who share the same vision and understand the Honor Code.

About WikiTree: WikiTree's mission is to grow a single worldwide family tree which will ultimately make genealogy free and accessible for everyone. Privacy and collaboration are balanced so that families can share personal information while at the same time growing a valuable genealogical resource with distant cousins and strangers. See