Deceased Online adding all burial and cremation records for Bolton, Lancashire

Data for major area of NW England launches with Bolton’s largest cemetery

Burial records for the seven cemeteries and a crematorium managed by Bolton Council, Lancashire in North West England are being added to

All data for Tonge, the largest cemetery in the area, is now available with the rest to follow over the next 6-8 weeks. There will be nearly 450,000 burial and cremation records in all.

There are nearly 117,000 burials in Tonge Cemetery and the data comprises:

  • Details of all graves indicating those buried in each grave
  • Scans of all burial registers
  • Over 4,000 photographs of memorials and headstones
  • Cemetery maps indicating grave locations

Note: The cemetery maps indicate the section where the selected grave is located. Each section or block comprises approximately 100 graves and as many of the headstones incorporate grave reference numbers it is relatively easy to find the searched-for grave using the maps.

For full details on Tonge Cemetery and more information on the other Bolton cemeteries and crematorium, click here.