Data for 15 more Scottish cemeteries added to Deceased Online

Thousands of memorial inscriptions for burial grounds from the Western Isles to the East coast
  • Deceased Online continues to grow its collection of memorial inscriptions with the addition of thousands of records in various Scottish counties and areas
  • The additions to the range of Scottish Memorial Inscriptions (SMI) date back to 1632 and details of the 13 featured burial grounds and cemeteries and their locations can be found here
  • At the same time, two other smaller collections have been added for two Scottish cemeteries which include both memorial inscriptions and photographs. These are Kildalton Kirkyard on the isle of Islay and Roshven Cemetery in the Highlands
  • Both sets of records are included in the main search indexes
  • now features records for hundreds of cemeteries, kirkyards and burial grounds across Scotland
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Coming soon: More burial records for Lancashire, Yorkshire and Scotland . . .