Family Tree Tours Announces Its 2013 Upcoming Genealogy Tours

For those who wish to journey to their ancestral hometowns and experience the lives their ancestors led before emigrating, Family Tree Tours has updated their website featuring research resources and European heritage trips.

WASHINGTON, MO—November, 2012—Family Tree Tours, a leading European genealogy tour provider for genealogy societies and individuals, announces its pre-planned group heritage tours for 2013.

For those who wish to know more about their family history and ancestral origins, a genealogy tour is a unique and exciting travel experience. Travelers have the advantage of researching their ancestors while visiting the town or region they came from, learning about the culture and local customs and traditions, and even meeting relatives for the first time.

“No family tree research is complete until you experience the place your family came from,” says Kathy Wurth, owner of Family Tree Tours. “There’s no feeling more exhilarating than walking the streets your ancestors walked. Even if you don’t know your hometown, our European Heritage professionals help you paint the picture of your ancestors’ lives. Our tours help you make your research come alive.”

The website features an array of travel and research resources and books, as well as access to Wurth and her on-the-ground German expert Matthias Uthoff. The website also helps Family Tree Tours design a genealogy tour suited to each traveler. For those who like assistance from a guide, privately guided heritage tours are available. Wurth and Uthoff customize independent trips for those who prefer to research on their own, but would like the trip planned for them. Preplanned group tours are ideal for those who enjoy the camaraderie and security of a group. They also can do family reunions for family groups who would like to do a group tour to their ancestral hometown in Germany, Ireland and other European countries.

Wurth notes, “Preplanned group tours for 2013 include:

Northwest Germany Tour with 10 days of visiting towns around Osnabrück, touring castles, and exploring the Bremerhaven Emigrant Museum.

Germany-Switzerland – staying on beautiful Lake Constance which borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria, we will explore all the Lake islands and help you travel to hometowns in southern Germany and northern Switzerland.

German History Tour – We travel back in time to immerse ourselves in Middle Age history. Learn about social classes, trade centers, women’s roles and the tour will culminate in attending the celebration of a Medieval wedding in Landshut, Bavaria. We will travel throughout Bavaria on this tour.

Rhineland Pfalz, Germany – We overlook the magical Rhine River staying in a charming old Roman town. We will take a Rhine river day cruise, tour local Archives have lectures by historians and help you visit you ancestral hometowns in the Rhineland area.

No matter what stage you may be in your research, we have a trip perfect for you.”

About Family Tree Tours:

Family Tree Tours provides research assistance to genealogy enthusiasts and ancestry trips to German-speaking countries. Whether a group heritage tour, private genealogy tour, or independent heritage trip, owner Kathy Wurth and on-the-ground German expert Matthias Uthoff provide you the opportunity to learn more about your family roots, to connect with family, and to learn about your ancestors before they made their emigration journey. With a passion for both genealogical research and travel, Kathy and Matthias work closely with you to ensure your family research trip is a success.

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