Saving Memories Forever Launches Free Genealogy App for Android Devices

Now iPhones and Android Devices Can Be Used To Easily Record and Share Family History Through Audio Recordings

Springfield, IL -- January 15, 2013 -- Saving Memories ForeverTM (SMF), has just launched its new Android app. The application expands upon the previously introduced iPhone app, making interviewing and preserving family stories through audio recordings even easier. The technology helps families build meaningful story archives they can share and manage through the SMF website, Both apps are free.

Since the launch of the SMF smartphone based system in 2012, Saving Memories Forever has received many positive comments and reviews from parents and genealogists.

“Ever since they announced the iPhone app, I’ve been waiting for the Android version. I’m thrilled this technology is available because now I can grab my Android, snap a few photos, and then use my downloaded Saving Memories Forever app to capture my girls as they talk. While these are captured moments, we’ll all enjoy listening to them again and again. Our relatives love it when I share these,” said Sara, mother of two.

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman from The In-Depth Genealogist comments the family-based company is a pioneer in saving family stories. “Their unique – and easy to use – free iPhone and Android apps help people young and old record their stories for others. Their free and premium memberships have applications for genealogists and family historians, homeschooling families, parents, family reunions and more. Use their categorized questions (story prompts, really!) to help guide you through the adventures of your life.”

Lisa A. Alzo, at Internet Genealogy, said SMF is a great way to preserve a relative’s recordings in one secure location. “One of the biggest problems I had in the past was trying to remember where I stored all of my audio files from those interviews I did. With SMF, I can save my favorite clips or those I find most relevant to my genealogy research and share them with the addition of an e-mail address to family members. It is really nice to be able to have the ‘voices from the past’ organized so nicely in one place, especially since so many of the people I’ve interviewed have now passed away — including my parents.”

This new approach to sharing family history through audio recordings was created by Harvey and Jane Baker. The two saw a need to go beyond ancestry and the family tree to create an online portal where family members could tell their stories in their own voices to share and save for current and future generations.

This smartphone web-based system allows people to talk about the important things in their life, including happy, sad, and amusing memories. This combination of stories gives true insight into what a person was all about and is an invaluable oral tool for anyone interested in preserving family genealogy. It gives a grandchild or great-grandchild the chance to really know a deceased relative---far beyond facts and statistics.


Saving Memories ForeverTM provides a new online system to not only create and preserve family memories, but also build legacies through audio recordings. Each subscriber has a dedicated area on the site to upload and manage their recordings. Recordings on the SMF website are categorized, private, secure, and permission based. The basic package is free. Subscriptions with many additional features are offered at just $3.99 per month. A new zipfile feature gives users the option of backing-up their stories at home. A how-to-video provides step-by-step instructions. For additional information visit