Announces: The KwikTip™ Series of Photographic Laminates

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Illustrated tip sheets that help researchers date historical and family photographs.

February 5, 2013, Carlsbad, CA.™, the leader in delivering historical photograph information to genealogists and collectors has released the first in a series of laminated KwikTips™ that give genealogists and historians an easy‐to‐use, yet comprehensive source to help achieve accurate date analysis of 19th century photographs.

The KwikTips are laminated, letter size, two page reference sheets with illustrative photos, historical information, and timelines, all in an attractive and easy to use design. KwikTips are available for:

•Daguerreotype, ambrotype, and tintype photographs
•Cartes de visite and cabinet cards
•Imprints of cartes de visite and cabinet cards

The Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, and Tintype KwikTip reveals the introduction, popular use, and complete life‐cycle of cased images. In addition, the 50‐year evolution of tintypes is outlined along with dated images.

This Cartes de Visite and Cabinet Cards KwikTip presents the introduction, use, and end‐of‐life of the popular paper photograph from the Civil War to 1900. Illustrated with beautiful dated photographs, this KwikTip guides you through the major changes of paper photographs in the 1800s, giving you the knowledge to help you date mystery photographs.

The Imprints KwikTip reveals much information about the photograph. Imprints are the studio identification, artwork, and services that are listed on the front and back of old photos. There are secrets within the imprints that can help a researcher determine within a few years when a photograph was produced.

Detailed KwikTip laminates from give the researcher a detailed yet easy‐to‐use set of timelines, photograph characteristics, and great illustrations to help date old photographs.
These durable, easy to use, and beautifully illustrated laminates are perfect for quick reference in the home, office, library, and on research trips. Designed to last, they are easy to store and carry, and answer the most common questions to dating 19th century photographs.

KwikTips are available exclusively from Family Roots Publishing ( at $5.99 each.

About the Author
Gary Clark is a professional photographer, restorer, and genealogist who has merged these skills with his passion for collecting old photographs. His 30 years of experience in digital imaging brings a unique and thorough understanding of photograph history, the technology, and the historical role photos play. Clark introduced to genealogists and collectors in 2000, and he continually expands the free information with a gallery of over 1,000 images, weekly case studies, and historical information about 19th century photographs.

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