A New Tool for Finding Obituaries

GenealogyInTime Magazine, the world’s largest online genealogy magazine, has made it much easier to find obituaries. Online obituaries are now incorporated into the free Genealogy Search Engine. Most obituaries are indexed by the search engine within 24 hours of appearing on the internet. The Genealogy Search Engine also contains a substantial number of older obituaries. So instead of searching all over the internet for an obituary of a friend, family member or acquaintance, the Genealogy Search Engine will find the obituary for you. Simply enter the name of the person in quotes into the search engine to find the obituary.

GenealogyInTime Magazine continues to grow by providing the tools and resources to help people find their ancestors for free. The Genealogy Search Engine and the complementary Family Tree Search Engine now search over 6 billion records. Thousands of searches are conducted each day on both search engines.

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