French Genealogy From Afar

French Genealogy From Afar is a guide – built on numerous posts from The French Genealogy Blog -- that has as its focus the very first steps of research into French ancestry, mostly via the Internet. All of the posts have been updated and, in many cases, enhanced. All of the website addresses have been verified anew and updated.

The Section Headings are:

  • Getting Ready

  • History and Geography
  • Location! Location!

  • Departmental and Communal Archives
  • Researching on the Departmental Archives’ Websites

  • A Bit of Military History

  • Military Records Online

  • The National Archives Databases
  • The Genealogy Community and Commercial Databases

Giving historical insights, keys to unlocking the French archives system, invaluable French websites, ways to develop a research methodology, problem solving advice, French Genealogy From Afar is also, of course, in Anne's usual, pert style.

This fine paperback book of 185 pages is immediately available and will be shipped directly from the printer in the U.S.. The price, including postage, is $26 / £18 / €22 per copy. Sold only via The French Genealogy Blog.