Genealogie Online hits 20 million profiles mark

This week the website Genealogie Online reached 20 million profiles. Genealogie Online is a Dutch service which allows genealogists to easily publish their genealogical data and images. Over 5000 genealogists use this service to publish their data. The result is multi-language website with a lot of freely searchable information about ancestors.

The focus of Genealogie Online isn't solely on quantity. Bob Coret, who runs this service from his one-person business Coret Genealogie, also puts the quality of genealogical data in the spotlight. Genealogie Online automatically performs genealogical sanity checks on the data in terms of events and dates. This feedback is not exclusive for authors, errors and warnings are also shown in the publication. This ensures that the readers of the genealogical publications also get a signal about possible mistakes.

Another type of quality check focusses on the place names and genealogical events. Place names are looked up in the international geographical database Geonames to ensure the name is written correctly and is unique. A genealogist who wrote down Delft as place of birth could mean Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, but there´s also a place called Delft in Minnesota, USA.

The steady growth of Genealogie Online - the biggest family tree website in the Netherlands - also makes the matching functionality more and more interesting. Matches between family trees are giving to the author and are also shown in the publication itself, because possible matches could also be of interest to readers.

With it´s scan search functionality Genealogie Online offers its users suggestions for online scans of civil registry and church records in Dutch and Belgian archives (some via FamilySearch) and photo´s of graves based on the published genealogical data. Again, the suggestions are shown to both authors and readers. This helps and stimulates genealogists to add sources to their publication, which also increases the quality.

About Coret Genealogie

Genealogie Online has been offering its service to genealogists since 2005. A generous free subscription and Premium subscription is offered by Coret Genealogie for the publishing part, searches are free. Genealogie Online which focuses on publishing your family tree and searching for ancestors, is one of the products offered by Coret Genealogie (which has even been called a Dutch Genealogy Empire by Tamura Jones). Other products include a social network for genealogists (Stamboom Forum), a private area for a genealogists to acquire images and stories within the family to enrich the family history (Familie Archivaris) and a online genealogical magazine specifically for smartphones and tablets (Genealogie Gazet).