First social interactive storytelling with Facebook-Meograph integration

SAN FRANCISCO - Meograph ( today announces the release of the first social interactive storytelling, bringing live Facebook profiles directly into multimedia content. Now Facebook friend tagging is deeply integrated into Meograph’s creation and playback experience. In addition to creating stories out of video, audio, photos, text, and links, Meographers can add visual, clickable tags of Facebook friends. No other multimedia creation platform offers this type of engaging, socially viral product.

Balaji Gopinath, Vice President of Emerging Technology at Turner Broadcasting System, said, "Media companies are storytellers, and we are continually exploring new ways for consumers to engage with our content. Meograph’s platform allows viewers to express themselves alongside TV programming, and its social integration provides a forum to share their thoughts, experience and creativity with others. We’re exploring how we might utilize Meograph to enhance personalized engagement with our storytelling."

With this capability, organizations and their storytellers are able to incorporate live visual links to social profiles embedded right within their stories. The tagged friend is notified and gets a Facebook wall post that links to the story, an image from the content, and a list of the other people tagged. Letting people know they are part of a story being told massively increases virality of the content. This is timely as the age-old art of true, lasting storytelling adapts to the digital, social era.

Soon following this rollout will be the ability to tag Facebook Pages, giving brands and celebrities a way to become part of the stories and driving traffic to their pages.

“Meograph was already somewhat interactive with clickable links to any URL embedded into the content. Publishers really like the links: they drive traffic and allow audiences to dive deeper into the stories. Facebook profile tagging is the next step,” said Meograph CEO Misha Leybovich. “We’re currently building other interactive media features in as well - pretty exciting to be developing this new interactive storytelling medium.”


Meograph is the easiest way to create interactive multimedia stories. Makes turning moments into lasting stories both easy enough for anyone to use as well as compelling output to watch. Since launch in late summer 2012, Meograph has been used by dozens of major media organizations, hundreds of companies, and thousands of schools around the world. The company is currently participating in both Turner Media Camp and Plug and Play Startup Camp.

Their Roots Are Showing! Three Bay Area Celebs Find Out Who They Are

OAKLAND, California—August 26, 2013—The California Genealogical Society, a library and research center, will present Their Roots Are Showing, an evening of surprise and discovery for three Bay Area celebrities on October 26, 2013, at 8:00 p.m. at the Del Valle Theater in Walnut Creek. Billy Beane, Vice President & General Manager of the Oakland Athletics; Natalie Coughlin, winner of 12 Olympic medals and the most decorated female medalist of all time; and Tim “Herb” Alexander, drummer for Grammy-nominated rock band Primus, will journey up their family trees before a live local audience.

"I am looking forward to an evening of discovery” says Billy Beane. “Like many Americans, I know little about my family history beyond my grandparents. I am very excited and look forward to this exciting event." 

The upcoming fall debut of the new PBS series Genealogy Roadshow, and the recent resurrection Who Do You Think You Are on TLC demonstrate that people find family histories fascinating, even when their own families are not the subject. Their Roots Are Showing is modeled on the popular reality shows where celebrity guests become emotionally caught up in the tales of love and loss, success and despair that formed the lives of their ancestors. 

Research experts at the California Genealogical Society have been combing through historical documents, photographs, and family information to trace the ancestry of the celebrities. For anyone who has wondered about their own ancestors, members of the California Genealogical Society will be on hand to answer questions. A Silent Auction of memorabilia and other items will be held in the theater lobby.

Tickets on now sale through the Lesher Center Box Office at Tickets are priced at $50.00.

The California Genealogical Society (CGS) founded in San Francisco in 1898, is one of the premier genealogical resources in Northern California. The society offers research services, online indexes and databases, and a research library in Oakland. Visit

# # #

Federation of Genealogical Societies Announces 2015 Conference

FGS and RootsTech Events To Be Held In Tandem
February 12-14, 2015 in Salt Lake City

22 August 2013 – Austin, TX. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) announced today that its 2015 National Conference will be held February 12-14, 2015, in Salt Lake City, Utah in conjunction with RootsTech, hosted by FamilySearch. RootsTech is held each February in Salt Lake City and helps thousands of attendees from around the world discover and share family connections, stories, and history.

With the Salt Palace Convention Center as the common venue, both FamilySearch and FGS are committed to producing a one-of-a-kind genealogy event addressing the educational needs of the family history, technology and genealogical society communities. As the logistics of this sizeable event are still being worked out, both FGS and FamilySearch will work together to share resources and provide cost benefits for all parties, including attendees and exhibitors. Attendees can expect to see familiar elements of previous FGS and RootsTech events including keynote presentations, a Society Showcase and Expo Hall.

Registration for both events will begin in August 2014, six months prior to the February 2015 dates. FGS will also hold a smaller national event for its members in late 2015, with details to be announced at a later date.

FGS President D. Joshua Taylor states, “FamilySearch has been a valued partner and sponsor for FGS during its past conferences. It only makes sense for both organizations to work together and produce what will be the most talked about genealogy events of 2015.” Taylor added that such an event brings the best of RootsTech and FGS conferences together under one roof and will offer genealogists and family historians a wide array of activities and educational opportunities.

About the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS)

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) was founded in 1976 and represents the members of hundreds of genealogical societies. FGS links the genealogical community by helping genealogical societies strengthen and grow through resources available online, FGS Forum magazine (filled with articles pertaining to society management and genealogical news), and Society Strategy Series papers, covering topics about effectively operating a genealogical society. FGS also links the genealogical community through its annual conference -- four days of excellent lectures, including one full day devoted to society management topics. To learn more visit

WikiTree names Eowyn Langholf as GEDCOM Import Manager

21 August 2013: WikiTree, a community of genealogists committed to growing a 100% free worldwide family tree, is proud to announce that Eowyn Langholf has become WikiTree’s newest team member. Eowyn will take on the important role of tracking family trees that are uploaded as GEDCOMs.

GEDCOMs and the WikiTree Community

Thousands of genealogists upload their GEDCOM files to WikiTree every month. Many are submitted by guest members who just want to take advantage of the free GEDMatches feature which provides a handy, all-in-one report of search results for their ancestors. These uploads don't require oversight or assistance. However, many genealogists also want to automatically integrate their previous research into WikiTree by importing their GEDCOM file.

Unlike other genealogy websites where family trees are stored separately, on WikiTree all person profiles are collaborative, whether it be private with close family members, more public with distant cousins, or entirely open. Since every ancestor should only have one collaborative WikiTree profile, bulk profile creation through GEDCOM imports affects others who share the same ancestors. Personal consideration from an experienced wiki genealogist helps prevent an uploading member from making mistakes resulting in unintended consequences, and helps prevent WikiTree from becoming just another website that stores often-copied and poorly-sourced family trees.

Marked Increase in WikiTree Traffic

Eowyn’s role has become even more important because of a recent explosion of interest in WikiTree and collaborative genealogy. On August 7, 2013, the 10,000th genealogist signed the Wiki Genealogy Honor Code. Traffic to the WikiTree website has doubled from an average of 14,000 visits per day in June, to 28,000 per day this week.

Eowyn joins another recent addition to the WikiTree team, Paul Bech, who has been brought on to help resolve collaboration problems and privacy conflicts between members. Paul and Eowyn are integral players in the small WikiTree team which assists the 90,000-member WikiTree community.

About Eowyn Langholf

Eowyn is a New Mexico native who became interested in genealogy as a young girl while her mother was volunteering at a local family history library. She has worked as a professional genealogist for three years and enjoys genealogy blogging. Eowyn says that she “loves dead people but is also rather fond of the living” and if you would like to contact her, she can be reached at

About WikiTree

Growing since 2008, is a 100% free shared family tree website that balances privacy and collaboration. Community members privately collaborate with close family members on modern family history and publicly collaborate with other genealogists on deep ancestry. Since all the private and public profiles are connected on the same system this process is helping to grow a single, worldwide family tree that will eventually connect us all and thereby make it free and easy for anyone to discover their roots. See

ISFHWE Excellence-In-Writing Competition Winners Announced

The International Society of Family History Writers and Editors is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Excellence-in-Writing Competition. This year, in addition to recognizing First, Second and Third Place, Honorable Mention certificates are being awarded to recognize the scope of quality entries. The winners are:

Category 1 - Columns
  • 1st Place – Tara Cajacob, “Discover Zimmerman”
  • 2nd Place – Pat Biallas, “Government Delivers in Honoring Civil War Vet” & “Graveside Rededication Presents a Step Back in Time”
  • 3rd Place – Diana Crisman Smith, “Bitten by the Typo Bug”, & “The Research Report”
  • Honorable Mention – Susan Zacharias, “Web of Deceit – April-June 2012 & Oct-Dec 2012”
  • Honorable Mention – Pat Biallas, “Stamp Series Commemorates Civil War” & “Civil War Sesquicentennial Generates Abundance of Historical Offerings”
Category 2 - Articles
  • 1st Place – Janis Forte, “What Legacy for David H. Driver”
  • 2nd Place - Smiljka Kitanovic, “Military Family Research”
  • 3rd Place – James W. Petty, “Black Slavery Emancipation Research in the Northern States”
  • Honorable Mention – Shannon Bennett, “How to get started with genetic genealogy and dna research”
  • Honorable Mention – Margaret Barker, “The Twins”
Category 3 – Genealogy Newsletters
  • 1st Place – Phyllis Matthew-Ziller, “Nov 2012 NCGS News” & “Sept 2012 NCGS News”
  • 2nd Place – Mary W. Parker, “Newsletter June 2012” & “Newsletter Sept 2012”
  • 3rd Place – Sunny Morton, “2012 02 OGN”, & “2012 03 OGN”
  • Honorable Mention – Janis Forte, “July/Aug2012 Newsletter” & “Sept/Oct 2012 Newsletter”
Category 4 – Unpublished Authors
  • 1st Place – Sherri Hessick, “Just Another Love Story”
  • 2nd Place – Victoria Kauzlarich, “The Accidental Historian”
  • 3rd Place – Jodi Strait, “Curious Case of Charles Karthaeuser”
  • Honorable Mention – Robin Thomas, “Beneficiary of a Pack Rat”
  • Honorable Mention – Rondie Yancey, “After the War”
Category 5 – Unpublished Material by Published Authors
  • 1st Place - LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, “Searching for the Slave Owners”
  • 2nd Place – Nancy Calhoun, “A Lost Stone”
  • 3rd Place – Andrea Ramsey, “Desperately Seeking Charlotte”
  • Honorable Mention – Kenneth Castle, “My Norwegian Ancestors”
  • Honorable Mention – Kathleen Broomer, “James A. Spillet Hatter, Newsdealer, Captialist”
Address questions to

Details on the 2014 Competition will be released shortly. The competition will open on 1 October. Details may be obtained on the website at

Diane C. Loosle Named Director of World Renowned Family History Library

August 21, 2013 - SALT LAKE CITY-FamilySearch today announced that Diane C. Loosle is the new director of its flagship Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. She will have the responsibility of leveraging the skills of the genealogical community more efficiently to meet the growing needs of a broader worldwide audience. Loosle is a 19-year veteran of FamilySearch, a professional genealogist, experienced research consultant, patron services specialist, and business leader. FamilySearch is a growing, worldwide nonprofit organization focused on providing quicker and more affordable access to genealogical records and related services.

Loosle says a top priority for her as director of the Library will be to study the role of the Family History Library and 4,700 satellite branches worldwide called, family history centers, and how to make them discovery centers for people of all ages, not just a research facility.

"Today, our research shows that the Family History Library and our centers are great places to do genealogical research. We need to figure out how to balance the needs of researchers while increasing appeal to those with other family history interests," said Loosle. "You can't attract a younger audience and offer the same experiences. We need to offer fun experiences and activities for the entire family that will increase love, appreciation, and understanding of their ancestors."

In 2013-14, Diane says she has some very specific goals as the new director of the Family History Library:

  • Become more family and youth-oriented through providing interactive, discovery experiences.
  • Enhance the services of the library through new collaborative research areas and better access to research staff.
  • Engage more patrons from the geographic community surrounding the library.

Don Anderson, FamilySearch Senior Vice President of Patron and Partner Services, said, "Diane is unique. She is an accredited genealogist that began her career helping patrons with their personal research in the Family History Library, and then she led out on new customer service initiatives. She also holds an MBA. So she understands business objectives, has great leadership experience, and has strong genealogical knowledge as a certified and accredited genealogist. Not only is she the first female director of the Library, she is one of the most qualified and capable to ever serve in this position."

During her career at FamilySearch, Diane started helping library patrons as a research consultant. She then led the creation and expansion of new patron services initiatives, the development of the FamilySearch Wiki, and free online training content at

The Family History Library serves 400,000 patrons per year. Sixty-one percent of those visitors stay for 4+ hours. Thirty-five percent stay for 8+ hours. Fifty-two percent are from outside of Utah. Millions more frequent the thousands of family history centers worldwide or do online research daily at

FGS Announces New Mobile App

Provides Access to FGS Services and FGS 2013 Conference App

Federation of Genealogical Societies Mobile App

August 20, 2013 – Austin, TX. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) announces its new mobile application available for FREE for iOS and Android devices. A major feature is the FGS 2013 Conference app for the upcoming FGS 2013 Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana, August 21-24, 2013.

With the updated FGS App, resources and services such as FGS FORUM, Voice and Society Hall are now available to a wider audience. The FGS App is the perfect way to stay current with all the events and offerings at FGS. Whether you want to read news at the Voice, look up fellow FGS members in Society Hall or learn about the Preserve the Pensions project, the FGS App allows you to do all of that in one program.

According to D. Joshua Taylor, FGS President, “FGS is proud to release our mobile app for year-round use. With links to FORUM, Society Hall, RPAC, and current conference activities the app will easily become the first stop for the modern-genealogist in learning about FGS and our member societies.”

Accessing the FGS App

The best way to access the correct version of the FGS App for your device is to scan the QR code below.

Currently the FGS App is only available for Android devices in the Google Play store at Availability for the iOS version is anticipated no later than Thursday, August 22, 2013. Follow FGS on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

iPhone, iPad, Windows 7 and Blackberry users can access the FGS App content through their mobile browser via

About the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS)

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) was founded in 1976 and represents the members of hundreds of genealogical societies. FGS links the genealogical community by helping genealogical societies strengthen and grow through resources available online, FGS Forum magazine (filled with articles pertaining to society management and genealogical news), and Society Strategy Series papers, covering topics about effectively operating a genealogical society. FGS also links the genealogical community through its annual conference -- four days of excellent lectures, including one full day devoted to society management topics. To learn more visit

The National Institute For Genealogical Studies Marks Its 15th Year In Providing Online Genealogical Education With The Introduction Of The New Professional Development Certificate

For Immediate Release
19 August 2013

To help their students meet the expectations of a growing genealogical consumer community, The National Institute for Genealogical Studies announced today their new certificate program in Professional Development.

“This certificate fills an important niche for the genealogy community” says Louise St Denis, Managing Director of the National Institute. Louise adds, “After 15 years of providing genealogical education we felt it was time to expand our offerings to include an eleventh certificate especially designed for those working in the field of genealogy.”

Of the certificate program, National Institute instructor and professional genealogist Melanie D. Holtz, CG stated “Having a solid foundation in professional genealogy is key to your success, whether you are just beginning your business or seeking ways to expand your knowledge and experience.  The National Institute for Genealogical Studies’ new Professional Development Certificate is unique in that you reap the benefits of the knowledge and experiences of multiple genealogists who have walked this road before you.  The new Professional Development certificate with numerous in-depth skill-building courses, will bring  strength to the learning experience."

Professional Development Certificate

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies offers eleven Certificate Programs including the Professional Development Program.  Courses in this new program include, Transcribing, Abstracting, & Extracting - Career Development: Choosing a Niche - Creating Programs for Adults & the Younger Generation - Organizing a One Name Study - Lecturing - Forensic Genealogy - Genealogy and Copyright - Palaeography - Document Analysis - DNA - Marketing - House and Farm Histories - One Place Studies - Analysis and Skills Mentoring - Methodology

To learn more about The National Institute’s Certificate Programs, see their website at

Gena Philibert-Ortega Appointed Director of Professional Development
Gena Philibert-Ortega has been appointed the new Director of Program Development at the National Institute. In her new position, Gena Philibert-Ortega will be reviewing, updating and overseeing the addition of courses to the program.

St Denis commented “We are excited to have Gena Philibert-Ortega’s involvement in our Professional Development program.  Gena has had a successful full-time  genealogy career for over 12 years and her experience will assist others as they transition to professional work or continue in their careers.”

Gena said “I’m excited about this opportunity to bring courses designed for those interested in professional genealogy. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow the program to meet the needs of the genealogy community.”

Gena Philibert-Ortega holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Women’s Studies) and a Master’s degree in Religion. Presenting on various subjects involving genealogy, women’s studies and social history, Gena has spoken to groups throughout the United States as well as virtually to audiences worldwide. Gena is the author of hundreds of articles published in genealogy newsletters and magazines including FGS Forum, APG Quarterly, Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle and Family Tree Magazine. Her writings can also be found on her blogs, Gena’s Genealogy and Food.Family.Ephemera. She is the author of the books, From The Family Kitchen (F + W Media, 2012),  Cemeteries of the Eastern Sierra (Arcadia Publishing, 2007) and Putting the Pieces Together.  Gena is currently the editor of the Utah Genealogical Association’s journal Crossroads. An instructor for the The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, Gena has written courses about social media and Google. She serves as President for the Southern California Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists and is a board member of the Utah Genealogical Association. Her current research interests include women’s social history, community cookbooks, signature quilts and researching women’s lives using material artifacts.

Everyone at The National Institute welcomes Gena Philibert-Ortega to her new position and looks forward to the growth of the Professional Development Certificate.

Enroll Now for a Special Offer

Enroll now in the Professional Development Certificate and receive 10% off your course package. Use code FGS2013 or call 1-800-580-0165 to receive this discount. Hurry! This code expires September 30, 2013. Payment plans are available.

About The National Institute for Genealogical Studies

The National Institute, leaders in online genealogy education, have been offering genealogy and history courses for over 15 years. Helping genealogists and family historians build a foundation for research excellence, The National Institute offers over 200 courses in genealogical studies to help enhance the researcher’s skills.

For those looking to acquire more formal educational training, The National Institute offers eleven Certificate Programs in the records of Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and the United States, as well as a General Methodology, Librarianship, and now Professional Development.

For more information please visit our site at or call us toll-free in North America at 1-800-580-0165 or email us at

Louise St Denis

TNGenWeb Project Announces Who's Who In TN

The TNGenWeb Project is pleased to announce the availability of a website that hosts hundreds of biographical profiles of Tennessee residents. The profiles featured on the site are from the book Who’s Who in Tennessee: A Biographical Reference Book of Notable Tennesseans of Today was published by the Paul & Douglass Publishing Company in 1911.

We invite you to visit the site and explore the profiles available. You may browse them various ways:

  • Browse by County — choose from one of the 95 counties in Tennessee to see profiles of individuals associated with the area.
  • Browse by Name – select from a large surname list to look for individuals of interest.
  • Browse by School – interested in who attended a university or college in the state? Use this list to see profiles organized by school.

Each profile provides a variety of information about each person. Details may include birth date, parents and grandparents names, comments on their ancestry, schools attended and education completed, spouses and children, and participation in local businesses, churches, and organizations. While most profiles are of men, there are a few women included. So far, there are more than 1,500 profiles online with many more to come. Many thanks to our volunteer transcribers for helping make this happen.

Sign up to be notified of new additions! You can sign up for a specific county by going to the county’s page and selecting the “Email subscription” link. You can also add the feed to your favorite feed reader. We hope you enjoy the site and find your families of interests. Additions are ongoing so be sure to become a regular subscriber. Visit the site at http:/

Lisa Swanson Ellam Appointed At-Large Director for Indiana Genealogical Society

Fort Wayne, Indiana, August 15, 2013 - Lisa Swanson Ellam of Granger, Indiana, in St. Joseph County, was recently approved by the Board of Directors of the Indiana Genealogical Society as their At-Large Director. IGS has a nationwide membership, and Lisa will be the primary service provider for those members located outside the state.
Lisa Swanson Ellam is a graduate of Indiana University – South Bend and is the Coordinator for the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars at the University of Notre Dame.  She is a Director on the board of The South Bend Area Genealogical Society, Director-at-Large for the Indiana Genealogical Society and a member of the William Tuffs Chapter of the Elkhart County DAR.

Lisa maintains her own personal genealogy blog, The Faces of My Family (,  as well as the society blog for The South Bend Area Genealogical Society ( ).  Her research in Indiana lies in Wabash, Grant and Randolph counties.         

In addition to speaking on various genealogy topics in the St. Joseph county area, Lisa has also completed the two part Cemetery Restoration and Preservation classes through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and enjoys maintaining old, abandoned cemeteries in Wabash County. Collections Head North with Debut of Canadian Books

Addition from Archives CD Books Canada Provides 200 Name-rich, Searchable Volumes

LOS ANGELES (August 16, 2013) –, an international leader in online family history, today announced the recent addition of Canadian Books from Archives CD Books Canada to the site. The collection of books cover numerous subjects in 200 volumes that span nearly three centuries of North American heritage from across the continent, including nine Canadian provinces. The Canadian Books are now available in’s continually growing collection of US and Canadian resources as a core resource for Canadian and Scotch-Irish researchers.

Dating back to the 1600s, the Canadian Books boast 71,000 pages of items such as military, religious, occupational and immigration records, business directories, published genealogies and BMDs. While a primary Canadian resource, its scope of literature crosses over various nationalities and US territories. With titles such as Sketches of Irish soldiers,The Scotch-Irish of Californiaand German-Canadian folklore the collection is valuable for people with Canadian ancestry and those who can trace their origins back to the UK or Europe.

The books feature a sizeable amount of military records with various nominal rolls and rolls of honour relating mostly to the First World War, such as The Royal Montreal Regiment, 14thBattalion, University of Toronto Roll of Service 1914-1918 and 31st Canadian Infantry CEF 1914-1919.

“The vast amount of information in these books touch upon almost every aspect of daily life in the past,” said D. Joshua Taylor, lead genealogist for, “as a fundamental backbone for Canadian research, this addition furthers our mission to bring together strong resources from all parts of the English-speaking world that your ancestors migrated to.”

This collection of Canadian Books is accessible on all findmypast international sites through a World Subscription.

See below for a complete list of the Canadian Books collection on

·  A McCurdy Family History
·  Andrew Jackson.
·  British Columbia, Canada- British Columbia from the Earliest Times to the Present, Biographical (vol. 3)
·  British Columbia, Canada- British Columbia from the Earliest Times to the Present, Biographical (vol. 4)
·  British Columbia, Canada- Influence of the War of 1812 upon the Settlement of the Canadian West
·  British Columbia, Canada- On Canada's Frontier
·  British Columbia, Canada- Sunset Canada - British Columbia and Beyond
·  British Columbia, Canada- The Gold Stripe, nos 1-3, 1919
·  British Columbia, Canada- Year Book, 1903
·  Bush Life in the Ottawa Valley.
·  Canada- “Canada," 1916
·  Canada- 13th Battalion Royal Highlanders of Canada, 1914 - 1919
·  Canada- 1837 Rebellion Losses, Claimants for Damages, 1849
·  Canada- 24th Battalion, C.E.F., Victoria Rifles of Canada, 1914 - 1919
·  Canada- 2nd Canadian Heavy Battery, 1914-1919
·  Canada- 42nd Battalion, C.E.F. Royal Highlanders of Canada
·  Canada- A History of the War of 1812
·  Canada- Barristers and Solicitors, 1919
·  Canada- Canada's Hundred Days
·  Canada- Canadian Militia, 1919
·  Canada- Elected Representatives and Civil Servants of the Canadian Dominion Government, 1919
·  Canada- First World War, photographs of 72 military unit badges.
·  Canada- First World War Honor Roll of the Canadian Bank of Commerce
·  Canada- First World War, Honour Roll of Bank of Hamilton & Standard Bank of Canada
·  Canada- Foreign Consuls, 1919
·  Canada- From the Rideau to the Rhine and Back
·  Canada- Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1930
·  Canada- History of the 16th Battalion CEF, 1914-1919
·  Canada- History of the 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion C.E.F.,  1914-1919
·  Canada- History of the Canadian Forces, 1914-19, Medical Services
·  Canada- History of the Twentieth Canadian Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment) C.E.F., 1914 - 1918
·  Canada- Letters from the Front, 1920
·  Canada- List of Orders and Awards, 1919
·  Canada- Listings from the Wesleyan - Methodist Almanac for Canada, 1845
·  Canada- Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory, 1871
·  Canada- Nationwide (1872 and 1894), Quebec (1853)
·  Canada- Obituaries from The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1906
·  Canada- Officers and Men in the First Canadian Contingent, 1914
·  Canada- Official History of the Canadian Forces in The Great War
·  Canada- Patents of Canada, 1824-1849
·  Canada- Pathfinders of the West
·  Canada- Presbyterian Pioneer Missionaries
·  Canada- Provincial Government Personnel List, 1919
·  Canada- Railways, Steamships & Steamboats in Canada
·  Canada- Regimental History of the Governor General's Foot Guards
·  Canada- Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion, C. E. F, 1914-1925
·  Canada- Royal Montreal Regiment, 1925-1945
·  Canada- Story of the Sixty-Sixth C.F.A.
·  Canada- The Canada Directory, 1853/1854
·  Canada- The Century Cyclopedia of Names
·  Canada- The Clergy of Canada, 1919
·  Canada- The Irishman in Canada
·  Canada- The Loyalists of America and Their Times from 1620 to 1816
·  Canada- The Peace River Country
·  Canada- The Scotch-Irish in Canada.
·  Canada- The Tragic Story of the Empress of Ireland (and other great sea disasters)
·  Canada- Three Years in Canada
·  Canada- Thrilling Experiences in the War in South Africa
·  Canada- Who, What & When in Canada (before the 20th Century)
·  Canada- Work of the Canadian Archives, 1908 - 1913
·  Capt. Joseph Brant’s Status as a Chief, and some of His Descendants
·  Chief Smoke Johnson.
·  Ireland- Facts About Ulster
·  Ireland- Sketches of Irish Soldiers in Every Land
·  Manitoba, Canada- 1951 List of Electors for Rural Municipality of South Norfolk
·  Manitoba, Canada- Provincial Telephone Directory #119, December 1947
·  New Brunswick Canada- New Brunswick in the 1940's
·  New Brunswick, Canada- The First Fifty Years of the Church of England in the Province of New Brunswick, 1783-1833
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- A Compendium of the Shipping of Yarmouth, 1761-1902
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- A History of the County of Antigonish
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Cape Breton, Canada
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Eastern District Telephone Directory, 1922
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Historical and Genealogical Record of the First Settlers of Colchester County
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- History of Nova Scotia (vol. 3)
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Louisbourg, an Historical Sketch.
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Nova Scotia in its Historical, Mercantile and Industrial Relations
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- One Hundred Years with the Baptists of  Amherst
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Relief Map & Directory, 1931
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Ships of War, Lost on the Coast of Nova Scotia and Sable Island, during the Eighteenth Century
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- The History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- The Royal Province of New Scotland and her Baronets
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Yarmouth Past and Present, A Book of Reminiscences
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Yarmouth...a Sequel to Campbells History
·  Nova Scotia, Canada, A Chapter in the History of the Township of Onslow
·  Nova Society, Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War
·  Nova Scotia- Halifax & District Telephone Directory, 1950
·  Obituary of a Noted Anthropologist (Dr. A. F. Chamberlain).
·  Ontario, Canada- A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other Townships of the County
·  Ontario, Canada- A History of Simcoe County
·  Ontario, Canada- A History of St. John’s Church, Smiths Falls
·  Ontario, Canada- A History of the County of Grey
·  Ontario, Canada- Annual Report of St. Paul’s Church, Hamilton, 1905 - 1939
·  Ontario, Canada- Baptism records of Rev. John Langhorn(Church of England)  of Fredericksburgh, 1787-1813
·  Ontario, Canada- Baptism register of Rev. Robert McDowall (Presbyterian) of Fredericksburgh, 1800-1841
·  Ontario, Canada- Baptisms in St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Churches, Niagara.
·  Ontario, Canada- Belleville Directory, 1940
·  Ontario, Canada- Bench and Bar in the Early Days, London
·  Ontario, Canada- Berlin Celebration of Cityhood
·  Ontario, Canada- Burial records of Rev. John Langhorn.(Church of England)of Fredericksburgh, 1787-1813
·  Ontario, Canada- Canada.  Its Defences, Condition, and Resources
·  Ontario, Canada- Church of England Synod Proceedings, Extracted Personnel Data, 1944
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