WikiTree names Eowyn Langholf as GEDCOM Import Manager

21 August 2013: WikiTree, a community of genealogists committed to growing a 100% free worldwide family tree, is proud to announce that Eowyn Langholf has become WikiTree’s newest team member. Eowyn will take on the important role of tracking family trees that are uploaded as GEDCOMs.

GEDCOMs and the WikiTree Community

Thousands of genealogists upload their GEDCOM files to WikiTree every month. Many are submitted by guest members who just want to take advantage of the free GEDMatches feature which provides a handy, all-in-one report of search results for their ancestors. These uploads don't require oversight or assistance. However, many genealogists also want to automatically integrate their previous research into WikiTree by importing their GEDCOM file.

Unlike other genealogy websites where family trees are stored separately, on WikiTree all person profiles are collaborative, whether it be private with close family members, more public with distant cousins, or entirely open. Since every ancestor should only have one collaborative WikiTree profile, bulk profile creation through GEDCOM imports affects others who share the same ancestors. Personal consideration from an experienced wiki genealogist helps prevent an uploading member from making mistakes resulting in unintended consequences, and helps prevent WikiTree from becoming just another website that stores often-copied and poorly-sourced family trees.

Marked Increase in WikiTree Traffic

Eowyn’s role has become even more important because of a recent explosion of interest in WikiTree and collaborative genealogy. On August 7, 2013, the 10,000th genealogist signed the Wiki Genealogy Honor Code. Traffic to the WikiTree website has doubled from an average of 14,000 visits per day in June, to 28,000 per day this week.

Eowyn joins another recent addition to the WikiTree team, Paul Bech, who has been brought on to help resolve collaboration problems and privacy conflicts between members. Paul and Eowyn are integral players in the small WikiTree team which assists the 90,000-member WikiTree community.

About Eowyn Langholf

Eowyn is a New Mexico native who became interested in genealogy as a young girl while her mother was volunteering at a local family history library. She has worked as a professional genealogist for three years and enjoys genealogy blogging. Eowyn says that she “loves dead people but is also rather fond of the living” and if you would like to contact her, she can be reached at

About WikiTree

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