England and Wales 1891 Census comes to Origins.net

Origins.net now includes a full index to and digitised images of the original 1891 Census records for all counties in England and Wales. The 1891 Census includes the personal details of over 29,002,525 individuals and provides a snapshot in time for all households including any servants, lodgers, or visitors. For each person present in each household on the 5th April 1891 details are given of their names, ages, address, occupations, relationship to head of household and place of birth.

Census records can be used not only to further your search for ancestors, but also to broaden your knowledge of the wider family or your community, supplementing information found in other sources. Geographic mobility can be easily tracked through the given birthplaces, and social mobility through addresses and occupations and open up other avenues for research. The census records are searchable by name, age, parish and county.
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The 1881 Census will be added to Origins.net in the next 3 months, and the 1851 shortly after, to cover the full range 1841-1901
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