CompGen Announces Joint Effort with Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg

Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg is now working with CompGen to index the previously digitized 13,000 pages of war graves from Baden-Württemberg and make them searchable by Name and Place. The Landesarchiv provides the digital scans while CompGen lends supports via the crowdsourcing tool DES.

The DES (DatenErfassungsSystem) is well known from the project Casualty List and is a simple method of indexing an original image.

For more information please see:

Blog post (german)

Project linkäberlisten_Baden-Württemberg

Project team:

Susanne (Nicola) und Andreas (Job) - Verein für Computergenealogie
Dr. Claudius (Kienzle) - Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg
and the Project team

About CompGen

CompGen (Verein für Computergenealogie e.V. (Computer Genealogy Society)) is the largest genealogical society in Germany.

CompGen is the host of the projects GenWiki (Genealogical Wiki), GOV (Genealogical Gazetteer), Grabsteine (Headstones), Ortsfamilienbücher (Local Heritage Book), Adressbücher (Adressbooks), Familienanzeigen (Personal Column), Totenzettel (Death Cards), Verlustlisten (Casualty List) and more. All online content is open access.

CompGen is the developer of the crowdsourcing program DES -
With DES it is possible to transliterate on the original source image and to gather structured data.


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