launches over 240,000 UK parish records and an attach record to tree feature

Leading family history website Findmypast has today, Friday September 5th 2014, added over 240,000 records to their Surrey, Middlesex and Eastbourne parish record collections and introduced a new feature to attach records to ancestors on a family tree.

Over 200,000 records from the Surrey Marriage Index 1500-1841 have been published, showing the place and date of marriages and whether the marriage took place by licence or banns. In addition to this, 8,588 Surrey strays marriage records have been added to the site spanning 1565 to 1846. Surrey strays refer to people from Surrey who married outside the county. 33,275 marriage records from Middlesex have also been added to Findmypast dating from 1811 to 1840. All three record sets are published on Findmypast through the hard work of the volunteers of the West Surrey Family History Society.

In addition, 708 burial records from the Church of St. John, Bodle Street Green have gone live on the site. This record set has been transcribed by volunteers from the Eastbourne Family History Society as part of Findmypast’s partnership with the Federation of Family History Societies.

Every time records from a family history society are viewed on Findmypast, the dedicated societies who transcribe these records benefit by receiving a royalty payment from Findmypast. So viewing their records is a great way to support your favourite family history society, while adding more depth to your family tree.

New feature on Findmypast: add records to your family tree

Findmypast customers can now attach records to their family trees on Findmypast, thanks to a new “Attach to tree” button. This appears on the top right of all images and transcripts across the site. When viewing a record, simply select which of your Findmypast family trees to attach the record to and then start to type in your ancestor’s name. A list of people on your tree with similar names and their dates of birth appears. Select the one you want and then, in the case of a record with many ancestors listed such as a census, you can look for further names in the list to add the record to and select those too. Once you have all the names selected that you want to attach the record to, press the Save button. You’ll then find the record stored in your family tree in the relevant ancestors’ overview and media pages.

The new records can be searched at:

About Findmypast

Leading family history website findmypast was the first company to make the complete birth, marriage and death indexes for England & Wales available online in April 2003, winning the Queen’s Award for Innovation. Findmypast has subsequently digitized many more family history records and now offers access to over 1.8 billion records dating as far back as 875 AD. This allows family historians to search for their ancestors among comprehensive collections of military, census, migration, parish, work and education records, newspapers as well as the original comprehensive birth, marriage and death records. The company runs the official 1911 census website for England & Wales in association with The National Archives and has digitized several other record sets from the national collection. Findmypast has also partnered with the British Library in a 10 year project to safeguard the future of the world's greatest local newspaper archive.