Familyfunding Aims to Put Professional Genealogy Within Reach

Hiring professional help is considered too costly for many seeking to learn about their ancestors. Genealogy firm, Legacy Tree Genealogists, seeks change.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- November 6, 2014 -- This week Legacy Tree Genealogists revealed their aim to make professional research affordable to all through familyfunding, which leverages social media to allow family and friends to easily pool resources and contribute to the costs of family history research. This type of funding, often referred to as crowdfunding or fundraising, is becoming more and more common, and streamlining it for professional genealogy just makes sense.

Nearly anyone seeking to discover their family history comes to a point where it isn’t possible to extend a family tree without outside help, due to lack of records, experience, or time -- but that help comes at a cost. Because genealogy research involves record searches at multiple locations and deep analysis of clues to piece together ancestry, its time-consuming nature means high expense for those hiring help. The expense of hiring a genealogist has sadly put getting help out of reach for many people who otherwise would love to learn about their ancestry.

“We love doing what we do best - professional genealogy, breaking brick walls, extending clients’ family trees - and we want to do that for everyone, regardless of cost,” says Jessica Taylor, Legacy Tree president. “In the past, the costs for hiring a genealogist have prohibited some from being able to trace their ancestry, but not anymore. We’re so excited to help in opening up the world of professional genealogy to those who may have felt excluded in the past.”

Popularizing the pooling of funds for genealogy is an exciting prospect. There are many useful applications, such as a grandmother’s 90th birthday gift, a family reunion project, or joining the Daughters of the American Revolution as a cousin group.

Familyfunding is made possible through Legacy Tree’s partner, GoFundMe, a leader in personal fundraising and collaborative funding. Legacy Tree is a professional genealogy company that has helped clients worldwide learn about their family history since 2004. Those interested can learn more about Legacy Tree and familyfunding at