TINA SANSONE & SHERI MCNEIL SAVORY Partner on ResearchDNAWriters & “A Savory Spotlight”

January 3, 2015 – Tina Sansone and Sheri McNeil Savory announce their partnership in the genealogical/DNA business, ResearchDNAWriters and LA Talk Radio’s weekly show, “A Savory Spotlight”, which covers a variety of topics. More information can be found on their websites, www.researchdnawriters.com and http://latalkradio.com/Savory.php.

About Tina Sansone & Sheri McNeil Savory

Tina is from Tennessee. She is the genealogy editor for BellaOnline.com and is a board member for the Association of Professional Genealogist, and serves as President for their virtual Second Life–APG Chapter. She is the SE Editor for the International Society of Family History Writers & Editors and is the coordinator for their “Excellence in Writing” competition. She is a past board member of the Tennessee Genealogical Society. Tina is a member of the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy and a GeneaBlogger. Tina enjoys helping others break down their brick walls and is excited about teaming up with ResearchDNAWriters and LATalkRadio. She is a wife, mother of three and grandmother.

Sheri is a professional genealogist and author, was born in Detroit, Michigan. She has been a genealogist for over twenty-five years. She has published articles in the Gest-Guest Quarterly, genealogy blogs, works closely with FamilytreeDNA projects and is a professional speaker. The study of DNA and family bloodlines dominates her presentations as she inspires people through her tenacity and persistence while searching for clues to the past. She is a radio show host and author of the “A Face to My Name Collection". In addition to working with Genealogist.com and Stars Publishing, LLC Sheri McNeil Savory has teamed up with www.researchdnawriters.com as a specialist in DNA analysis. She is currently planning to take a group on a guided Tour to Nova Scotia 2015, http://www.researchdnawriters.com/nova-scotia-tour.html. Sheri is a single lady, dedicated entrepreneur and a proud mother to a TV commercial Producer and Cinematographer. She is a hands on grandmother of two smart and lovely girls with two granddogs named Peanut and Butter...

About ResearchDNAWriters & “A Savory Spotlight”

ResearchDNAWriters offers genealogical services and consults, as well as DNA analysis. Sheri will coordinate genealogical and historical tours. “A Savory Spotlight” is a weekly internet radio show on LAtalkradio.com that will cover a variety of topics, but will focus weekly on genealogy and/or DNA topics. Anyone wishing to be a guest or sponsor on the show, please email: savoryspotlight@researchdnawriters.com. Follow ResearchDNAWriters on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/researchdnawriters), Twitter (https://twitter.com/DnaWriters) and on our blog (http://researchdnawriters.wordpress.com).