Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2015

GenealogyInTime Magazine, the most popular online genealogy magazine and one of the world’s largest free genealogy websites, announces the annual list of the top 100 most popular genealogy websites.

The annual GenealogyInTime Magazine Top 100 is the definitive list in genealogy. It profiles and ranks the best ancestral websites based on estimates of their internet traffic (as measured by Alexa, the internet traffic people). The result is a list that is objective and comprehensive.

This year represents our fourth annual survey on the state of genealogy. We look at the following:
  • Information and links to the Top 100 most popular genealogy websites from around the world.
  • A discussion on the largest ancestral websites and what they have to offer.
  • Pointers toward the most popular free genealogy websites to help you find your ancestors.
  • A list of rising genealogy stars that are worth checking out. These are websites that have seen the largest increase in popularity over the past year.
  • A discussion on the big three firms in genealogy and what they do.
  • Estimates as to how much genealogy has grown over the past year.
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