Family Tree Tours Announces Two New Genealogy Tours

For those who wish to journey to their ancestral hometowns and experience the lives their ancestors led before emigrating, Family Tree Tours can help that dream come true. They will help you plan a visit to your hometown and make a contact for you there. Whether you choose a privately escorted, small group, or independent tour, their heritage trips provide you the opportunity to experience the culture of your heritage and create memories for future generations.

WASHINGTON, MO—February 2015Family Tree Tours, a leading European genealogy tour provider for genealogy societies and individuals, announces its two newest additions to their heritage tour line-up.

Irish Genealogy Conference Tour - June 26 - July 5, 2015

What better way to find your Irish ancestors than to learn from the experts in Ireland? Join Family Tree Tours on a small group tour to attend a genealogy summer school conference at the University of Cork in Ireland. All aspects of the subject are covered by a series of presentations and “hands on” workshops given by a selection of Ireland’s leading genealogical lecturers and experts. The latest online and offline sources are described and explained in lectures which will be of great interest to the seeker of Irish roots and family history, whether beginner or expert. Plus lots of fun outings to some of Ireland’s most scenic tourist spots in southern Ireland. We can extend the tour to give you the opportunity to visit hometowns.

Swedish Heritage Tour – August 1 – 13, 2015

Join Family Tree Tours on our exciting exploration of Southern Sweden. Spend 12 days traveling back in time to see how early Vikings lived and learning more about your ancestors’ lives and why they left. Plus visits to ancestral home places.

“No family tree research is complete until you experience the place your family came from,” says Kathy Wurth, owner of Family Tree Tours. “There’s no feeling more exhilarating than walking the streets your ancestors walked. Even if you don’t know your hometown, our European Heritage professionals help you paint the picture of your ancestors’ lives. Our tours help you make your research come alive.”

Wurth notes, preplanned group tours for 2015 also include:

Salt Lake City Research Tour - March 16-22, 2015 Research in the largest genealogical library in the world with help from experts.

Northwest Germany Tour – May 23 – June 2, 2015 with 10 days of visiting towns around Osnabrück, touring castles, and exploring the Bremerhaven Emigrant Museum.

Southwest Germany Tour– September 15 -18, 2015 Join us for an enchanting journey through the Black Forest region of Germany with an opportunity to explore Baden, western Wuerttemberg and northern Switzerland for an 12 day/11 night tour. This will be a trip you will never forget.

No matter what stage you may be in your research, we have a trip perfect for you.

About Family Tree Tours

Family Tree Tours provides research assistance to genealogy enthusiasts and ancestry trips to German-speaking countries. Whether a group heritage tour, private genealogy tour, or independent heritage trip, owner Kathy Wurth and on-the-ground German expert Matthias Uthoff provide you the opportunity to learn more about your family roots, to connect with family, and to learn about your ancestors before they made their emigration journey. With a passion for both genealogical research and travel, Kathy and Matthias work closely with you to ensure your family research trip is a success.

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