New UK, Irish and Australian records released this Findmypast Friday

Over 174,000 new UK, Irish and Australian records as well as 1.6 million Irish newspaper articles have been added to our collection of UK records as part of this week’s Findmypast Friday. This week’s new additions include fascinating UK Trade union records and medical records from the 1832 Manchester Cholera epidemic, new Irish National Roll of Honour records, Australian cemetery transcripts and a selection of Immigration records from the state of Queensland.

UK Records

Lancashire, Manchester Cholera Victims 1832, contains detailed notes relating to the first 200 cases of the 1832 Cholera epidemic in Manchester. The outbreak peaked in August, in which about half of the reported cases occurred, and then tailed off to end in January of 1833. The case studies are transcribed from ‘The origin and progress of the malignant cholera in Manchester’ by Henry Gaulter MD, published 1832. Each transcript lists the victim’s name, age, year of birth, place and Gaulter’s detailed notes. The notes include the victim’s address, descriptions of their constitution, lifestyle, natural susceptibility, and the condition of their dwellings. Gaulter also included detailed notes, the dates of the attack and any possible ‘predisposing causes’, which could include details of the victim’s last meal or ‘communication’ with other cases.

257 volumes of British Trade Union Membership Registers are now available to browse at Findmypast. The Trade Union Membership registers consist of digitised images of original records books from 9 different unions. The documents include details about individual members such as payments made, benefits received, names of spouses, profiles of leading members, directories of secretaries and details of Union activities and proceedings.

Containing over 61,000 records, Britain, Trade Union Members, Service and Casualties contains the details of members from 18 different unions. The records are a collection of union documents from the war years and do not solely feature individuals who participated in the First World War. The records include daily trade union news and business and frequently acknowledge members who have left for war or joined the services. Many include pages of the union’s Roll of Honour and some include photographs of the members or feature short profiles about specific members. The most extraordinary of the records is the Workers’ Union Record, which regularly features full pages of photographs of service men.

Irish Records

Over 1.6 million new articles have been added to our collection of historic Irish newspapers. The latest additions include updates to 36 existing titles and 5 brand new titles from all over Ireland – Belfast Protestant Journal, Current Prices of Grain at Dublin Corn Exchange, Newry Herald and Down, Armagh and Louth Journal, Tipperary Vindicator and Weekly Vindicator.

Over 9,000 new records have been added to the Ireland National Roll of Honour 1914-1921. Now containing over 24,000 records, the Ireland National Roll of Honour 1914-1921 is a collection of transcripts created from all known available references and collections for Irish casualties published before 1922. They include Soldiers Died in the Great War, Ireland's Memorial Records, The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, newspaper items, articles and books. The material has also been cross referenced with the 1901 and 1911 Census to provide a more precise list of Irish casualties than was previously available to family historians.

Australian Records

Containing over 72,000 records, New South Wales, Macquarie Park Cemetery Transcriptions, 1922-2001, is an index of headstone inscriptions. Macquarie Park Cemetery is located in North Ryde, in north-western Sydney and was originally known as the Northern Suburbs General Cemetery. In 2004 it was renamed as Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium. The records consist of transcriptions collated by volunteers from the Society of Australian Genealogists. In addition to transcribing headstones and plaques in the cemetery, volunteers sometimes supplemented details taken from the deceased person’s headstone with further information from relevant burial records.

Containing over 1,700 records, Queensland Immigrants nominated for passage 1884-1907 are free to search records that list the names of immigrants and nominators as recorded in registers for nominated passage kept by the Assistant Immigration Agent in Maryborough. Assistant Immigration Agents publicised ships' arrivals in the local press, provided information and services to immigrants such as accommodation and rations at Immigration Depots, arranged employment, and also processed government statistical information and ships' passenger lists and other immigrant records.

Containing over 800 records, the Queensland Register of Immigrants 1864-1878 lists the details of applications for passage certificates for immigration, registered in Toowoomba.

Originally entitled Passage certificates 1887-1906, Queensland Passage certificates 1887-1874 is an index taken from the Queensland State Archives and consists of transcripts of passenger certificates. These free to search records were taken from a register kept by the Sub-Immigration Agent at Warwick and lists applications by sponsors of immigrants.

Containing over 29,000 records, Queensland Land Orders 1861-1874 consists of transcripts taken from registers of land orders issued to immigrants on the completion of their obligations under the Immigration Act, 1864-1869. Land order claims could be made for the passage to Queensland by immigrants or others who provided passages for immigrants.

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