MyHeritage Launches Record Detective II

MyHeritage has just released Record Detective™ II, a powerful new technology that significantly builds on the original Record Detective™, adding over 2.2 billion new matches to historical records.

With the Record Detective™, records found in MyHeritage SuperSearch™ automatically point to additional records and family tree profiles relating to the same person. For example, if you're viewing a birth certificate you found in SuperSearch™, Record Detective™ may point you to a census record containing information about the child's grandmother, a marriage license for their parents, a family tree profile of a connected ancestor, and so on, giving you new leads for your research. However, the Record Detective™ was only able to find information when there was at least one family tree profile on MyHeritage matching the record.

The new Record Detective™ II adds direct record-to-record matches, even for records that have no matching family tree profiles on MyHeritage, and has yielded a staggering 2.2 billion additional highly-accurate matching documents.

Record Detective™ II provides new information and clues to take your family history research to newer heights.

For more information and examples, please read today's blog post Introducing Record Detective II at the MyHeritage blog.