New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, February 19, 2016

An eclectic array of records from Ireland. England & Wales, and the English county of Devon are available to search this Findmypast Friday as well as substantial new additions to the PERiodical Source Index and our collection of historic British Newspapers.

The 1939 Register is now available to browse making it easier than ever before to discover your family's friends and neighbours were and what they were up to on the eve of World War 2. A complement to the name searchable 1939 Register, browse offers you the ability to explore the register by County, Borough/District, Piece number and ED letter code. Compiled by 65,000 enumerators and sent to every household in England and Wales, the Register documents the lives of over 41 million people, recording the names, addresses, dates of birth, marital status and occupation.

Ireland Census Reports contains over 19,000 records compiled from census returns from the mid-1800s to early 1900s. The reports provide statistical details regarding the number of inhabitants in a given townland and cover all 32 counties of Ireland. The statistics are broken down by gender, age, or other similar categories and can help provide you with an invaluable snapshot of your ancestor’s community. Both transcripts and PDF images of the original reports are included in each records.

Ireland Statistical Surveys consists of fascinating statistical surveys produced by the Royal Dublin Society. The Society began to conduct such surveys in at the start of the 1800s with the aim of accurately portraying the realities of life in each county, particularly concerning its history, agricultural practices, politics, customs, and religion. The reports represented the first serious effort to capture and present such data and, having been conducted under direction from the Society itself, they offer solid and consistent information. Since they were created so early in the 19th century the survey are from any incredibly record of life in pre-Famine Ireland. This collection is comprised of PDF images of the surveys from 10 Irish counties; Cavan, Clare, Cork, Donegal, King’s (Offaly), Leitrim, Mayo, Meath, Roscommon, and Tyrone.

The Plymouth & West Devon apprentice records list the details of over 5,000 apprentices and their masters. Each record includes a transcript and image of the original document. The amount of information recorded in transcripts may vary although most will include a combination an apprentice’s name, birth year, address, date of indenture, the name of their master, their master’s occupation and where they were based. Images can contain a wide range of additional details such as allegations brought against masters for mistreatment or neglect and the agreed terms surrounding the indenture of individual apprentices.

Containing over 434,000 records, the Plymouth & West Devon parish chest records consists of an eclectic mix of documents from the parish chests of Plymouth and West Devon. In the past, local parishes were responsible for far more than keeping the records of births, marriages and deaths. Collectively, the records kept by parishes of local and civic affairs are called the parish chest. The records cover an array of local matters such as the levying of taxes, selection of juries and pew rentals within the church.

The Plymouth borough records are a collection of over 109,000 administrative records from the borough of Plymouth. The nature of the records contained varies widely and the collection includes an array of assorted documents including orphan’s aid cash books, court examinations and freemen’s papers, to name a few. The collection is a fantastic way to explore the daily operations of Plymouth from the sixteenth to the twentieth century and contain people from all walks of life, from pauper children to Plymouth’s mayors to merchants and farmers.

Over 5,000 records from seven new Devonshire publications have been added to our collection of British trade directories, county guides, almanacs and general directories. The records list the details of prominent local people, tradesmen, officials, business owners and local civil servants.

Over 6.4 million new articles have been added to our collection of historic British newspapers. These latest additions include 26 brand new titles, and will be of particular interest to those with Welsh ancestors. PERSI Dating as far back as 1829, 19 of our newest titles come from Wales, allowing you an insight into local life during the 19th and early 20th centuries. These newspapers will be vital for anyone tracing their family history in Welsh cities, towns, villages and valleys. Substantial updates have also been made to 55 existing titles including the Aberdeen Free Press (378,457), Liverpool Evening Express (299,111) and Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian (278,832).

Over 45,663 new images and dozens of new articles have been added to the The PERiodical Source Index (PERSI). The titles included in this most recent image update come from several states, including Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Utah. There is also a publication from New Zealand, The New Zealand Genealogist.

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