SLIG 2017 Scholarship Winner Announced

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) is pleased to announce Paula Furick as the winner of the Jimmy B. Parker Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy scholarship for 2017. Hosted by the Utah Genealogical Association, SLIG provides a week-long, in-depth learning experience for intermediate to advanced genealogists.

Paula Furick, SLIG 2017 Scholarship Winner
Paula Furick, SLIG 2017 Scholarship Winner
Many candidates submit applications for this scholarship annually. Their submissions include an essay, biographical information, and a letter of recommendation. Of the applications received this year, Ms. Furick's was determined to most exemplify the culture of giving back to the genealogical community as demonstrated by the late Jimmy B. Parker.

Ms. Furick actively volunteers for a wide range of organizations engaged in advancing genealogical research. Her volunteer work has included providing services for both local and state DAR organizations, developing resources, volunteering at educational events, participating in informational forums, and volunteering at a branch of the local library. She has also indexed and categorized records for genealogical projects and assisted others with their genealogical research.

Ms. Furick will be attending the course entitled “Advanced Genealogical Methods” at SLIG 2017. She plans to use the knowledge she gains to continue her volunteer work and expand her teaching skills in the genealogical community. More information about SLIG may be found at