Legacytree.com Launches in Spanish

As a leading global genealogy research firm, Legacy Tree Genealogists is happy to announce their official website launch in Spanish, the first of many languages to follow.

Though headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Legacy Tree feels the pull to serve all of its worldwide clients as well as possible. Teaming up with a native Spanish speaker in South America as well as with Spanish speaking genealogists around the globe allows Legacy Tree to provide top-quality communication and services for clients of Hispanic heritage.

“We love genealogy and look forward to providing a way for people throughout the world to receive the care they need to discover their ancestors’ stories,” says Jessica Taylor, President of Legacy Tree Genealogists. “This is the first language of many as we strive to fully meet the responsibility of being a worldwide genealogy research firm. We are excited to start by better serving the Spanish speaking genealogy community.”

About Legacy Tree Genealogists:

Founded in 2004, Legacy Tree provides custom genealogy research for clients worldwide, including “brick wall” research, DNA analysis, ancestor immigration, lineage societies, and dual citizenship. The team is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and works with researchers and archives around the world.

Legacy Tree is the recommended research partner of MyHeritage – known for its international reach and multi-language capabilities – and its expansion to multiple languages helps better serve MyHeritage’s international customer base as well as other Legacy Tree clients worldwide.

For more information on Legacy Tree Genealogists visit https://legacytree.com or https://legacytree.com/es.