The Complete Guide to Google Photos e-book

Organizing past and present photos is easier than ever
Family history business publishes The Complete Guide to Google Photos e-book— Holiday photo overwhelm, as well as boxes of heirloom photos, can all be causing stress or may be the subject of goals and resolutions for 2017.

The husband-wife team at Legacy Tale wrote a book to help. Driven by their passion for helping families make and keep memories, their latest e-book demonstrates how to make the most of Google Photos, a free resource.

Filled with comprehensive, detailed and easy-to-understand instructions-- including screen shots and graphics to show just where to type, click and press-- it teaches how to use Google Photos as a fantastic tool for both past and present pictures.

The 67-page PDF e-book teaches how to:

  • Quickly organize digital photos by date, place, person...or even events and objects (in the photos).
  • Keep future pictures organized the same way, with little time spent managing them.
  • Share and update photos and entire albums without sending huge attachments through email.
  • Convert old printed photos to digital photos using your phone or flatbed scanner, and get them organized.
  • Get all your digital photos organized and curated in minutes (maybe hours), instead of days (or months).
  • No longer worry about having a backup of all your precious photos.
“I have the great fortune of a tech-savvy husband who understands and explains Google Photos’ amazing bells and whistles. Those often-untapped features are what make it such a powerful tool, and we share all that useful know-how in this latest e-book,” says Hilarie Robison, Chief Teller of Tales.

At a price of $11.99, the e-book is available for purchase in PDF format from the couple’s website:


Legacy Tale was founded in 2015 by Hilarie and Ben Robison. With a core business of custom interviewing, writing, editing and publishing heirloom family books, they also provide e-books and online courses for DIYers. The blog at is a robust resource of free content focused on making and keeping memories, including how to capture and preserve family narratives and photos.