8-year-old author publishes book to strengthen families

8-year-old author publishes book to strengthen families
New e-book offers specific ideas for family laughter and play

www.legacytale.com— Silliness may be the new watchword for healthy families. A recent publication by a young author calls on the power of play to strengthen bonds:

The How To Be Silly Book: 11 easy ways to have more fun and grow closer as a family

Written and illustrated by 8-year-old Rebecca Robison, (known as Little Sister in the Legacy Tale family on social media), the book gives eleven simple, concrete ideas- complete with descriptive artwork- for playing together as a family.

The young author feels so strongly about the role of laughter and play in families that she decided to write her own tutorial. She says, “My dad tells me every day how silly I am. I think being silly helps us be closer and happier as a family. Because silliness leads to laughter and play, which results in more love and happiness. PLUS, silliness always cures the grumpies!”

With ideas from “play Twister” to “eat dessert for dinner” and a laugh-out-loud tutorial for "tickling," the book’s instructions are suitable for family members of all ages, including multiple generations and extended family. Most of the ideas are very simple to implement, requiring little or no preparation or expense. The focus is on family time spent intentionally, making memories and building bonds. Making memories- and keeping them- lines right up with the family’s business, Legacy Tale.

An avid writer and illustrator, this is not Miss Robison’s first completed book, but it is the first to be offered for sale to the public. She spread her working time on this publication across three months- developing the concept, creating the drawings with colored pencils and markers, then writing the text. “I’m excited to earn money for college,” says the third grader.

At a price of $5.99, the e-book is available for purchase in PDF format from the family’s website: http://www.legacytale.com/how-to-be-silly-book/

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