Should Cursive Handwriting Die?

With the proliferation of e-communications into the daily fabric of life, some people may argue that societies are uniformly rejecting handwritten correspondence, perhaps ensuring its inevitable extinction. Is there any value in nurturing this decaying form of “old-school” communication, or is its proper place now resigned to future displays of extinct methods of communicating found only in museums of “life as it used to be”? 

Should we be concerned about an impending demise of handwritten correspondence?

What's its importance in knowing our ancestors?

Could future generations be disconnected from the past if they can't read cursive handwriting?

In this month's FamilySearch feature article "Should Cursive Handwriting Die?", these questions are addressed, 

You will also discover cool tools for understanding hard-to-read handwriting, 5 tips to hone your cursive reading skills, a fun website to test your prowess at decoding Early American handwriting, and fun cursive writing worksheets for children.

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