MyHeritage: DNA Match Review

We are very excited to tell you about a new MyHeritage DNA feature we've just released - the DNA Match Review page. Now, for each of your DNA matches, you can click "Review match" and be directed to this new page in which we will display information broken down into relevant sections that will help you understand how you are related to the match.

Each section of the page pulls relevant data about your DNA match by combining information from DNA and family trees. So, for example, you'll see your shared Smart Matches, Ancestral surnames, Shared DNA Matches, Pedigree Charts and Shared ethnicities.

Some of these features are available only on MyHeritage and they are displayed in an easy to use side-by-side comparison in order to help you learn more information about your DNA Match and discover possible relationships.

For more information, please see the blog post, and please find an image attached.

A nice image listing the features is attached, feel free to use it when you share this news with your followers and subscribers.

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