Genealogy Guys and Vivid-Pix Partner to Recognize Genealogy’s Unsung Heroes


Genealogy Guys and Vivid-Pix Partner to Recognize Genealogy’s Unsung Heroes

The Genealogy Guys, George G. Morgan and Drew Smith, co-hosts and producers of the oldest
continually produced genealogy podcast, and Vivid-Pix, makers of RESTORE photo and document
restoration software, today announce that they are partnering to acknowledge and to celebrate
those members of the genealogy community who digitize or index photos and other documents of
value to genealogical researchers. The Unsung Heroes Awards will be a quarterly awards program
designed to recognize its recipients in four categories: individuals, genealogical/historical societies,
libraries/archives, and young people.

Completed nomination forms (see below for link to the form) should be emailed to and winners will be selected each quarter. Winners will receive: a
custom-made commemorative mug with their choice of image; an announcement on an episode of

The Genealogy Guys Podcast; a profile of the winner published on The Genealogy Guys Blog and the
Unsung Heroes Blog; and recognition at the Vivid-Pix website (
Nominations eligible for the first quarter of awards must be received no later than February 15,
2019, and the winners will be announced at RootsTech in Salt Lake City on February 27-March 2,
2019. Due dates for later quarters will be announced on The Genealogy Guys Podcast; The
Genealogy Guys Blog; the Unsung Heroes Blog; and at the Vivid-Pix website.
Details and links to the nomination form can be found at


George G. Morgan
Aha! Seminars, Inc.
(813) 220-6274

Rick Voight
(404) 664-9897

About the Partners

The Genealogy Guys Podcast is a production of Aha! Seminars, Inc., a
Tampa Bay-based company that has been providing training to
genealogists and library personnel since 1996. Its principals are
George G. Morgan and Drew Smith, noted speakers, authors, and
world’s longest genealogy podcasters. The company also produces
the Genealogy Connection podcast and The Genealogy Guys Blog.

Vivid-Pix designs, creates and delivers Fast, Easy and
Affordable Imaging Software. Since launching in 2012,
Vivid-Pix has advanced its products to earn the support and
respect of business leaders and photographers in over 100
countries. Co-Founder Randy Fredlund has more than 150
digital-imaging patents and has extensive experience in

Research, Development, and Commercialization, enabling him to translate theory into practice. Co-
Founder Rick Voight has created billion-dollar businesses through Product Development, Sales and

Marketing for Eastman Kodak and Hewlett-Packard. The Vivid-Pix Team is a far-flung group of
excellent people who deliver software that “Give your pics (and documents) the Vivid-Pix Fix!”