#ProjectGenealogy Launches October 4th

#ProjectGenealogy Launches
October 4th

Kick-off Family History Month by celebrating the migrations of our ancestors via a stimulating YouTube video Series.

Spearheaded by Jarrett Ross, the Geneavlogger, and Matt Baker, of UsefulCharts, the ambitious #ProjectGenealogy collaboration features seven genealogy YouTube channels and their hosts showcasing the migration of people around the world.

Grab your favorite beverage and savor 1½ hours with your favorite beverage and enjoy the video journey. Learn the history behind various migrations, discover how to research their journey and which records to explore, and ultimately, follow the tips for writing about your ancestor’s journey. 

  1. 5 Tips For Writing About Your Immigrant Ancestor - Family History Fanatics (https://youtu.be/qMtAI-YVeJs)
  2. How Dutch Jewish Migration Led to the 8 Hour Work Day - GeneaVlogger (https://youtu.be/qbm4b5SILYY)
  3. My Family Tree: 3 Migration Stories - Useful Charts (https://youtu.be/EKJN1aH2Y5U)
  4. German Migration to Missouri - Auntie Jen's Family Trees - (https://youtu.be/D5G3QvlGrTs)
  5. Did Your Ancestor Move West for FREE Land? | Homestead Act of 1862 - Boundless Genealogy (https://youtu.be/T0vlFJoRuzk)
  6. 19th Century Migration to America & The Railroads Westward Expansion - Genealogy TV - (https://youtu.be/4J2UyYXAYWs)
  7. How To Trace Ancestors On the Move - Lisa Lisson (https://youtu.be/ox9JbP2iDb0)

All migration themed videos go live on each creator’s channel at 2 PM Eastern (GMT-4 ) on Friday, October 4. To ease you through your journey, start the YouTube video journey via this playlist:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5Ag9n-o0IZBXX_Yanzvh4LrOJhtlf4nG 

You can further enhance the #ProjectGenealogy experience by:
  • thanking each creator in the comments section of their video,
  • asking questions or sharing further insights in the comments section,
  • sharing the videos with your genealogy societies and online communities using the hashtag  #projectgenealogy.

WikiTree Announces Fourth Annual "Source-a-Thon"

Registration opened today for WikiTree’s fourth annual “Source-a-Thon,” a 72-hour genealogical sourcing marathon. The event is scheduled for the first weekend in Family History Month (October), starting on the morning of Friday, October 4, and ending on the morning of Monday, October 7.
Family trees often start as oral histories. Events are retold as they are remembered by those who experienced them. These memories are incorporated into family trees and handed down through the generations. The genealogists who collaborate on WikiTree seek to preserve these family histories forever as part of a single family tree that everyone can access for free.
Unfortunately, oral histories and handed-down trees sometimes include mistakes. Conflicts arise when the trees are put together into a single family tree. The only objective way to resolve these conflicts is to refer to original source documents, such as birth, marriage, and death records.
To celebrate Family History Month, WikiTree members from all over the world will be working together around the clock for three days on profiles that don’t currently have any source citations. 
This is the fourth annual marathon event. Of the 2018 Source-a-Thon, participant Neil Perry wrote, “I have to say, I really enjoyed it, and the fact that over 72,000 new sources were added to the tree is amazing! … everyone's a winner.”
To support this event, individuals and organizations from around the genealogy community are donating prizes to be awarded at random. Over $3,500 in prizes have been donated so far, including DNA tests and full memberships from MyHeritage and Ancestry, as well as valuable prizes from Fold3, Newspapers.com, Legacy Tree Genealogists, Family ChartMasters, RootsTech and more. Prizes are still being added. If you would like to donate a prize, contact eowyn@wikitree.com.
To be eligible for the random prize drawings, participants must register in advance and get a “race number.” Registration is now open. See https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Source-a-Thon for further details.
WikiTreeThe Free Family Tree has been growing since 2008. Community members privately collaborate with close family members on modern family history and publicly collaborate with other genealogists on deep ancestry. Since all the private and public profiles are connected on the same system this process is helping to grow a single, worldwide family tree that will eventually connect us all and thereby make it free and easy for anyone to discover their roots. See https://www.WikiTree.com.