FGS 2011 Conference Goes Green

FGS 2011 Conference Goes Green
Innovative Environmental-Friendly Initiatives Abound

March 14, 2011 – Austin, TX. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), along with local host Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS), announce several environmental-friendly initiatives for its upcoming national conference, “Pathways to the Heartland,” scheduled for 7-10 September 2011 in Springfield, Illinois.  These include:

·       Flash Drives for Conference Syllabus: With the help of conference sponsor FamilySearch (http://www.familysearch.org), the FGS/ISGS 2011 Conference will provide each attendee with a 2GB flash drive containing the conference syllabus. Not only will this eliminate the need for a printed syllabus* or CD, it also provides attendees with a flash drive for saving and backing up genealogy research data!

·       Ride Sharing Program: Working with RideBuzz, attendees can now participate in the FGS/ISGS 2011 ride sharing program. Especially with rising gas prices, not only would you be helping the environment and saving money, but you can meet conference attendees in your area. 

Visit the FGS/ISGS 2011 Conference ride sharing program on RideBuzz at http://www.ridebuzz.org/events-group/fgsisgs-2011-conference-12865.html or visit the Travel & Lodging section of the FGS 2011 Conference website at https://www.fgs.org/2011conference/travel/ for more information

* Attendees will be able to print syllabus materials using the FGS 2011 Conference website (http://www.fgs.org/2011conference) and can purchase a printed syllabus for $30 when registering for the conference.

This year's FGS/ISGS 2011 Conference offers an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in researching their family history. Over 165 educational sessions and 13 luncheons are designed to balance the needs of genealogists at all levels, exploring a variety of records, strategies, and other tools available to those interested in researching their family history.

We look forward to seeing you in Springfield in September!

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