WikiTree Releases Relationship Calculator

July 6, 2011: is excited to announce the release of its new Relationship Finder. It will calculate the blood relationship between any two people on the worldwide family tree and show you exactly how they are related, subject to privacy controls.

As you browse pages for ancestors and family members, with one click you can now have your relationship to the other person named, e.g. “second cousin two times removed,” and also explained in detail, showing the step-by-step connections to your first common ancestor.

According to WikiTree’s Chris Whitten, “The Relationship Finder is an idea that was developed on our Facebook page with community members like Paul Bech and Martyn Grifhorst. They’re what makes WikiTree special. They aren’t just doing yeoman’s work in growing the worldwide family tree. They’re helping figure out which features and functions the community needs in order to fulfill its lofty mission -- while having fun doing it.”

About WikiTree: WikiTree's mission is to create a single worldwide family tree with which we can all freely connect our private family histories. We aim to strike the perfect balance between collaboration and privacy so that families can share personal information, photos, and memories, while at the same time growing a valuable genealogical resource with distant cousins and strangers. WikiTree is entirely free. Content is owned by its contributors. The service is supported by modest ads on public pages. Join our rapidly growing community at