'Genealogists for Families' Project

'Genealogists for Families' Project

Working Together to Help Families in Need

Genealogists worldwide are working as a team to help families and small businesses in low income areas. Our motto is, We care about families (past, present and future). Through Kiva, a nonprofit organization, we make $25 loans that enable borrowers to expand their businesses, support their families and raise themselves out of poverty. When the $25 is repaid, the lender can choose to withdraw the money or make another loan.

Everyone is welcome on the team - genealogists, their family and friends, and anyone else who believes that our small loans can make a big difference to those who are less fortunate.

About the 'Genealogists for Families' Project:

Judy explains the inspiration for the project, which began on 27 September 2011:

'For as long as I can remember, my father set aside a small sum of money that he would periodically lend to a hard-working person in need of short-term help. We called it his 'Do Good Money'. Dad passed away last year at the age of ninety, and I want to continue the tradition in his memory.'

What Team Members Say:

Pamela: 'It would be lovely if this team could grow to include genealogists from around the world and to become a family tradition for all of our families.'

Carole: 'I have been lending money to small family businesses all over the world since 2008. The money has always been paid back, and I then lend it to someone else, although I have the option of getting the money back.'

Joan: 'We have so much, and I consider this one small way to help others less fortunate. Several of my friends have been providing loans through this organization and have had positive experiences. It was fun finding the individuals I wanted to sponsor.'

Helen: 'My family and I have loaned through Kiva for a while. The projects make a major difference to an individual, particularly women, which then makes an ongoing difference to the family, the village, and it spreads from there.'

What You Can Do:

  1. Join the 'Genealogists for Families' team.

  2. Make a loan. If you do not have a spare $25 yet, join now and when you do make a loan it will be automatically linked to the team's efforts.

  3. Publicise your Web site, blog or online family tree by entering its address in 'My Website' on your Kiva Lender Page.

Join the 'Genealogists for Families' project and be part of the growing team of individuals who make a difference by helping families now and in the future.